Tesla Is One Target of EU EV Probe (Video)

yeah Matt it turns out that it's not just Neo that's coming and other China manufacturers of Evie that's coming into the spotlight if you recall just last week we were talking about this EU investigation into subsidies for China EVS uh the EU conceivably trying to protect some of their own automakers that are pushing uh and producing EVS that are generally perhaps a little bit more expensive than some of the ones coming out of China but it turns out no one ships more EVS produced in China to Europe than Tesla in an early investigation suggests that Tesla has in fact benefited from those subsidies the aim of the EU investigation will be to determine whether and the degree to which China has subsidized Tesla and some of those domestic manufacturers now Tesla started producing or exporting excuse me model 3 sedans built at its Shanghai Factory in late 2020 as of this year so far they've exported nearly 94 000 made in China vehicles to Europe the next largest amount is and that's 47 of the deliveries from China the next largest is closer to 58 000. uh China to Europe then for Tesla mat represents about five percent of Elon musk's whisper number Target for the end of this year of maybe 2 million uh vehicles to be produced and delivered a little bit above the official number on the year the stock well off of its highs nonetheless still up 97 percent so it's going to be interesting to see whether or not this story uh weighs on the stock as time goes on yeah I think it's absolutely fascinating because of course those cars are assembled in China and then exported out but all cars have a ton of parts that are made in China they're just assembled elsewhere so I guess it depends on how important you think the actual assembly process is