Tesla JUST Announced a Massive BOMBSHELL! (Video)

hey this is Tom and we just got word that the Tesla CFO long-standing CFO Zach is now leaving the company now it's not really clear if he's leaving on his own accord right now or that he let them know he wants to leave at the end of the year and they pushed it forward without asking him you know I saw a few commentaries in that it doesn't really matter now at this point the dude was clearly one of the best CFOs in the market Just One Look at the balance sheet of Tesla shows you how good Zach was at his job he was a pro of an elite level I would put him in top five CFOs right now in the market him living obviously is not a good thing for Tesla a lot of Tesla balls are going to be out there on the internet basically explaining why this is the best thing that could happen for Tesla et cetera now whenever we have cheerleaders we ignore them whenever we have automatic haters we ignore them there's also going to be people from teslaq saying that this is the worst thing because Zach invented the model 3 Zach invented the entire business model without Zach Tesla's falling apart both camps are absolutely in the wrong let me explain as somebody who spent years Consulting to a multi National companies I worked for 10 years at Deloitte as a senior manager my clients were multinational companies I've seen a lot of good CFOs and I've seen a lot of bad CFOs and I can easily tell them apart from Zach hands down one of the best I've seen just look at the balance sheet it's very clear to see the dude knows what he's doing however having said that I have yet to see a company of any caliber underperform on the business side because of a bad CFO a bad CFO is unpleasant a bad CFO can get you in the heap of trouble there's a lot of issues that comes with unprofessional money management on the finance side on the regulation side compliance side there's a lot of you know moving Parts with the CFO but no company has ever failed or succeeded because of the Chief Financial Officer that hasn't happened in the history of of of corporate America or any other country just look at how many current CEOs of companies will formerly see a goals how many chief executive officers were formerly Chief Financial officers I'm sure there's a few but 95 of them were not the chief financial officers usually the people who get promoted are the CEOs or ctOS etc etc you get what I'm going or VPR D whatever that may be the reason is because with the tech company specifically like Tesla with the growth competitive Tesla with a tech company like Tesla the role of the CFO is very important but it's not going to make or break the company so Zach leaving is definitely a blow for Tesla no doubt it's going to be very big shoes to fill but it's not the end of the world for the company it's almost at the point where I would say this isn't no news no offense to Zach but I mean they just got to find a good CFO the thing with Tesla is it's so easy for Tesla to recruit a top-tier talent so right now every every single professional in finance every single CFO is hunting for that job it's very lucrative so they're going to be able to hire somebody like Pro not the same level of Zach but he's going to learn or she's going to learn whatever that may be and they're gonna be fine if this was illa the company we would have had a completely different discussion but this no news I'm gonna go back to the pool