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do you think licensing could actually happen with Tesla if they solve a question they have no chance I mean do you think they really wanted to plug into the supercharger Network they were throwing up for nights before they had to announce it they hated every second of it so then so then if that's the case how would the like how would Tesla license it out to other vehicles like so two questions one how would they do it when me and Oracle were talking we came with a solution that maybe what they do is that they would sell it the same monthly subscription cost to the other automakers and they get to Market up another 100 or whatever for them to make money that's one way but I I want to know your thoughts on this and then the second question is don't the other vehicles have to like have the same cameras and the same song so let me answer the first the second part first and then I come to my imaginary licensing model it will be the tablet it will be everything that feeds into the tablet that is not currently available so yes it will be the cameras a mix of both how art and software but the car would still look like a Volkswagen or the car would still look like a Toyota it would only have the soft part including this those few hardware parts that are coming from Tesla and Tesla would have the data the access to the data can you imagine because that that means Tesla would have access to the whole worldwide Fleet of car data yeah that's just incredible and so the question is how would they sell it well there are a couple of models I don't think it will be on a monthly basis I think it will be on a revenue share basis meaning let's say Toyota sells their car for 35 000 Global volume of those cars 20 or let's go back to the Apple price is 30 the initial years and 15 the other years of the margin will be Tesla's because without that and and I mean the Tesla is hijacking them if that happens because without Tesla those cards will not start next morning right it's true it will be just incredible how this will fold out and and that's again I'm coming back to what I said earlier what the heck about today's stock price it doesn't matter it doesn't matter it's it's just coming now will there be alternative Solutions yes there will be I think mobile has a chance whatever I'm I think they are all hoping that there will be an Android of the the system but the question is will that Android solution be profitable viable as integrated because the big advantage of Tesla than 10 000 other advantages is how integrated it is right how this one platform happens to work with Hardware three soon Hardware four in in such an integrated manner that you don't need all these other parts and service providers to to be added in

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