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let's also talk about two big earnings results that we got here just within the last couple of days Netflix and Tesla when it comes to these two names the bar were set pretty high we've seen a massive run-up in these stocks Tesla beating on both the top and bottom line pressure on margins the price cuts that we have been talking about that clearly was one of the issues for investors when it comes to Netflix a Miss on Revenue also their guidance coming up a bit light for the third quarter for sales that was a huge issue and we saw that reflected not so much in today's trading action but the big drops that we saw in both Tesla and Netflix yesterday you know and we discussed both these names earlier in the day and I think uh you know conversation got a little sideways there but uh one thing that that stood out to me with Netflix was that they discussed so openly that their their new Drive their main driver of Revenue is converting people who already watch Netflix but just don't pay them any money which you know is a fine story and they are certainly committed to it and you can see Netflix really starting to turn the gears of well we captured the market and now we will make everyone pay more for it but I think on the margins with a name that's up 50 this year with a name that has a lot of hype behind it and is still working off as we can see in this chart you know some excesses that we saw you know in that 2021-2022 period um there's still maybe a sense of is that it so that's the whole thing you're just going to monetize people who don't pay you yet like what is there no more growth and maybe Netflix is the first one to admit that everybody got Netflix yeah they just don't pay me for it you know there's no person who hasn't heard of Netflix no there's no person that hasn't heard of Netflix but the growth opportunity overseas obviously is a very different story than what we've seen play out within the us but when you talk so many are poo not as good well exactly and that's what I was going to get to just in terms of future adoption here when it comes to that ad based business I think a lot of that base that they would have captured at least here in the US obviously their largest market you would think that most of those people have already converted so then you've got to ask how many more does that mean that are going to be forced off do you share enough I was gonna ask you uh I actually I am the payor and my parents are mooching off of me wow I know very big of me oh do you guys do you guys pay them no well yeah no yeah you pay for it right you pay your own how's the kids doing on Netflix Disney Plus or YouTube what are we doing Disney plus we YouTube we do Hulu and we pay for all of those ourselves that you could argue which is probably not the best financial decision there but they're all necessary at least when you have young kids

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