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good evening everybody I'm piagra Bears the daily Trader it is June 15th and we are going to take a look at Tesla palantir and Nvidia from a technical analysis perspective my goal in doing these videos is to help you understand how you can use technical analysis to make better trading and investing decisions but I'm not a financial advisor so please do your own research and make your own decisions so I'm gonna do it fast today I have some places I need to be so at the slow down the 0.89 minus 0.35 percent close at 255.90 yep nothing new here we have a little bit of a move down but look at how perfectly we are bouncing on our bullish Channel support so we are still in the support still a great stochastic make this great everything is great in terms of the indicators nothing special here palantir uh palantir a great day for palantir as it's coming close to the support right here we are getting stronger and stronger so this is a nice green candle up 69 cents 4.34 closed at 1660. fantastic everything is great in the RSI is even is even overbought this is fantastic this is fantastic we are making money hand over fist the end video had a great day yesterday today is not as great it's down 3.44 closed at minus 0.80 closed at 4 26.53 even though there is a minus three gear oh no and video is down yeah it's down but nothing to see here look at the load that we did today compared to where we were yesterday this is still super strong nothing negative here at all is climbing a little bit up 0.64 closed at 14.51 but it's still a Lovix so we should not worry too much what happened with QQQ going higher even breaking this mid Channel resistance so this means that this channel right here is not fast enough it's going even faster than this it's only positive Dow Jones very positive too said P 500 look at this this is launching like crazy NASDAQ Composite nasda composite we see a little bit of a weakening because we are getting close to the downward resistance we barely broke it and there's a wick at the top and no Wick at the bottom right here we see a little bit of a shyness that is coming into play because of the resistance aside from that I feel great physical gold bouncing nicely on 1508 we like to see this silver okay well silver yes this is a nice candle but we are still in this downward channel so I I don't try to get too excited with this yet Bitcoin barely hanging on to 25 to 47. same thing with ripple we have no stochastic the stochastic is at 21. we have a low stochastic here so we are barely holding on to this and we could be losing it momentarily and USDX as expected this is just a Free Falling we don't know until where it's gonna fall maybe we are going to stop on this support that this remains to be seen thank you very much for watching thank you for liking commenting subscribing if you like what I do you can become a YouTube member click on my trading your affiliate link I'm going to wish you a great evening we are going to talk tomorrow and I'm gonna tell you

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