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be coming in the near near future but in this next topic this Tesla package is now out of stock and we'll talk about it because this exact Tesla package is the Tesla Model S plaid Track Pack so we'll talk about but if you're just joining in my name is Dennis I love talking about Tesla hacking as I like to call it but basically just getting the best young Tesla at the best financing rate so definitely hit that subscribe if you're interested so let us take a look at this so shout out to teslarani for posting that the Tesla Model S plaid track which was a massive expensively expensive vehicle when on sale very very quickly and it was anywhere from 15 to 20 000 I don't know if about you all but if you've seen those videos on the YouTubes about Tesla Model S plaids basically wiping out on the track because of the brakes basically just overheating at the end and so this is where this pack came into play oh cool Tire they they kit comes with a ceramic brake kit which is a better stopping power and on top of that different tires and wheels and things like that to make kid look and drive probably a lot better but it seems like as you notice it is out of stock on this top left corner which seems I guess there's a lot of demand I get for this at the end of the day from people buying plaid Vehicles I'd love to see this come out with a model X because you know the model X plaid can also go very very fast very very quickly and so I feel like a lot of owners will be interested in trying to get that package for the Tesla Model X plaid as

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