TESLA Playing AI Card! Investors gone CRAZY! (Video)

we know that the big three automakers are struggling with electric cars right every time that Elon Musk lowers prices he inhibits their ability to make money in EVS uh there's so much discussion about the UAW workers and their hopes for for you know more employment while the world is migrating towards EVs and all that is in the South and away from their workers in the Upper Midwest there's so many things that Tesla's putting pressure on the big EV makers you mentioned the charging station how about the robo taxi how about the RO the the robotics in general there's so many things in the pipeline for Tesla that could make this stock turn around Tesla has just revealed some incredible updates on its humanoid robot and it seems that the company is doing a pretty great job this latest video confirms that in no too distant time robots are going to be everywhere and Tesla will manufacture a significant number of them what are the possibilities for this join us as we take you on a fantastic and fascinating journey into the world of Tesla AI Tesla's expertise in Electric Mobility extends far beyond cars and every Tesla investor knows this the company's latest move towards AI positions it for record-breaking Revenue in only a few years while you may have seen the Tesla bot in action at the company's shareholder meeting where Elon Musk showed a video of robots walking around picking up objects and recognizing things the Tesla bot now has more improved features in fact in a recent video released by Tesla the robot can be seen performing more advanced tasks like stretching arranging and even self-calibrating its arms and legs today's video is going to share with you why some of these interesting facts and insights about the Tesla butts are important and why you've got to be paying attention to them as a Tesla investor let's get into it to to uh elaborate further or to take uh Brian's question out further Brett just about the competitive landscape what does it look like for you when you think about because first initially when you saw stuff like this you think Boston Dynamics uh and now you have the Tesla bot and you all uh so how are you all going to stay competitive with a heavy hitter like a Tesla uh again I'll be I agree this is a little creepy to me um yeah so I think like the heritage in humanoid robotics last 10 years has been like very deep into R&D like there's been a lot of research and development groups like Boston Dynamics uh ihmc uh Honda had asmo projects so Toyota had a project doing human robotics uh there for us we look at um where where are the commercial groups looking like um who's got robots that can walk can have hands that can manipulate OB and move objects to the world have the right Capital uh to really get this done and have the right commercial viability toing bring into Market uh we think there's very few companies in the world uh that have the ability to kind of do that today um I think what Tesla is doing is is incredible we're we're we're we're watching from afar and rooting for them uh and here internally we feel there's a you know a chance for us to hopefully in the next 24 months demonstrate and then commercialize the technology which I think will be really incredible I think it'll feel like 50 years the future got pulled forward and I think having humanoids in the economy will be just a a huge benefit and we can really help fill a really big void in the economy that's happening today the Tesla bot is truly an impressive move on the part of Tesla it's a known fact that AI is taking over the world and Tesla wants to be a part of it but how best to do so if not to manufacture robots that will one day take the place of humans the Tesla bot is designed to be friendly helpful and easy to interact with it can carry up to 45b lift up to 150 and use the same cameras and sensors as the Tesla vehicles for vision and navigation the robot can be controlled via a smartphone app or even voice commands making it pretty easy to use hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow to understand what Tesla plans to do with its robot in the future it is imperative to understand why Tesla is making it in the first place well according to Elon Musk the Tesla bot is an extension of the company's Vision to create a sustainable future for Humanity the automaker is actually automating tasks that are dull dirty or dangerous and the Tesla bot can free up human time and energy for more creative and enjoyable Pursuits the Tesla B can also help with tasks that require humanlike dexterity Mobility like household chores gardening grocery shopping or even entertainment as a Tesla investor or anyone looking to own Tesla share someday what you've got to know is that the Tesla B isn't just a cool concept but it's also a potentially huge business opportunity for Tesla and that is where things could get interesting Tesla is still venturing into the world of robotics and it's making pretty good Headway and while the specifics of its robot business are still emerging there are intriguing possibilities that could revolutionize Industries and unlock significant revenue streams for the company but what could those be let's find out but before we do if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up to date on everything going on with Tesla one of the most captivating prospects is the integration of robots into Tesla's self-driving Tech already Tesla envisions a future where it robots can serve as autonomous Robo taxis picking up passengers and generating Revenue all the while while owners aren't even using them this concept could create a massive ride sharing Network rivaling existing ride hailing Services Tesla would earn a substantial share of the fairs paid by passengers transforming each Tesla vehicle into a revenue generating machine Tesla robots just like its Vehicles collect a lot of data and this data can be valuable for research development and business in ins sites Tesla could monetize data by partnering with research institutions or selling anonymized data to interested parties to make things even more interesting Tesla could integrate its robots into various Energy Products like its solar panels and energy storage example robots could perform maintenance on solar installations or optimize energy consumption in Smart Homes this Synergy between robots and Energy Products could expand Tesla's offerings and revenue potential think about it Tesla's energy business is already profitable which means that by using robots to optimize the business Tesla can perform more work and make more profit one interesting way that Tesla can make its robots more useful and dynamic is to manufacture juty specific robots and by that we mean robots that are designed to perform specific types of tasks for instance we could have the Tesla delivery and Logistics robot industrial robots or even home robots the company could develop robots designed for for L Mile and logistics for deliveries and these robots could specifically be designed to efficiently transport Goods within Urban environments thus reducing delivery costs for business and also potentially earning Tesla fees for robot rentals or Services Tesla may also explore the development of robots designed for home use that could assist with household chores maintenance and security and homeowners may even subscribe to Tel's robot Services paying for convenience and automation while Tesla generates recurring revenue from subscriptions and robot sales for the industrial robots Tesla's robotic expertise could extend into manufacturing and Industry the automaker May design robots specifically for optimizing tasks like assembly QA and also Materials Handling the fun part of this is that robots will be useful in Tesla's factories and production processes but that's not all Tesla could also sell those industrial robots to other manufacturers in the event that a customer does not wish to purchase any of these other types of robots Tesla could offer customization Services allowing businesses to tail robots to specific needs these bespoke robots could arrange from medical assistance to agricultural robots it could even be well basically anything customization Services can command premium services and Foster long-term Partnerships just as rendering these robots as a service simply put Tesla could adopt a robot as a service model similar to a software as a service model businesses and individuals could access Tesla robots on a subscription basis eliminating the need for a high upfront cost it could also increase its robotic technology and then license it to other companies looking to develop their own robots this strategy would allow Tesla to generate income while promoting the adoption of its own technology across various Industries and of course these robots will need maintenance every once in a while so just as Tesla offers maintenance services for vehicles you could do the same with its robots similarly the robot as a service model would enable customers to subscribe to robot maintenance plans ensuring Optimal Performance from their new robots Tesla's 4A inter robotics opens up a whole world of exciting possibilities and revenue opportunities all this ranges from Robo taxis to delivery robots home automation and even industrial applications and the company's got the potential to disrupt multiple Industries all the while bolstering it own Financial prospects as the automaker continues to innovate and refine its robotic offerings it TS to generate substantial revenue and shape the future of Robotics what do you see in the future of Tesla robots let us know down below and if you want to know more about what Tesla's been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there