Tesla, Please Do This ASAP… (Video)

anyone was working in Tesla that's watching this video please please get some superchargers here do something about Kuwait because there's a market here for it and the thing is Tesla's it's the best of the best what I know about kuwaitis is they love the best of the best so if someone is listening uh let me change that a bit okay there we go if you have one thing to do ask Tesla forget about superchargers please we don't really need them uh put them in Saudi Arabia please uh you can do that so we can travel around GCC because Kuwait is separated from the GCC by Saudi Arabia so we need Saudi Arabia to have charges but if you're gonna do one thing in Kuwait uh we need an approved service center on robotic shop yes yes this is a must just in case of uh like a fender bender we can fix it in Kuwait it's fine it's body shop but if I if I break an axle or if I break a suspension if I get into an accident where I have to change the front motor yep we need something here yeah yeah that this is a must this is one of my biggest obstacles to hitting that order button for a Tesla here in Coit I don't know if I if I get into a car accident or something happens like you mentioned I don't I don't want to ship it to Dubai the issue is shipping it back and forth yes across borders yeah the thing is it's not cross-country inside the country like I'm not shipping it from state to state yes I'm shipping shipping it through three countries Kuwait Saudi Arabia and UAE yep and if anything happens it's it's an international thing it's an international logistic if something does happen try to fix that yeah after that it's it's possible it's it's a minor issue as I said if you get into a fender bender you take it to any uh body shop and they'll fix it it's fine but if it's a battery or if it's like something yeah if it's something serious and you're in the ten thousand dollar Mark plus yeah that's a big obstacle I wouldn't think you would care that much about the cost of shipping it back and forth because you're in you're paying 10 000 plus you wouldn't care about um 600 700 800 extra like that 10 000 could be eleven thousand that's fine you're you're already in ten thousand exactly so 10 is fine uh that's just the hassle of it because I have to arrange for that shipment myself yeah and I have to arrange with Tesla to receive the car without me being present there and if I have to go check something on the car I have to book an airplane and a hotel like you know forget it you have to travel for a weekend that that's the thing that's the thing and um when it comes to I guess having other vehicles that that's not very convenient so as Carl mentioned if you can have a service center here that's it that's that's it that's all the important stuff I mean that's only one time then you don't have the demand is so high it's extremely high