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Tesla shipping more than 435,000 Vehicles last quarter but that was weaker than analysts had anticipated Factory upgrades forcing some production to be halted in the last three months despite the Miss Tesla maintaining its full year forecast for deliveries at around 1.8 million also rivan surprising Wall Street with better than expected numbers deliveries there jumping more than 140% from a year ago now topping 15,000 it still has a long way to go to catch up with Tesla or some of the other truck makers that are out there ribbean interestingly today is down 3% um there seemed to be some concern uh over that company's forecast um perhaps that's what's going on here the F year delivery Outlook missing analyst estimates and also interesting that I mean there was a lot of anticipation that Tesla's deliveries were not going to be great yeah so perhaps just not a huge surprise here that it did come out and do that exactly right I mean I think on Tesla there wasn't High High Hopes here high expectations because there were these downtimes their factories specifically Austin and Shanghai as you noted importantly guidance they're holding steady there 20123 volume Target still around 1.8 million Vehicles so that's unchanged the team at wed Bush actually thinks the factory downtimes likely means by their math 20,000 units shift to Q4 but obviously we'll find out when they report earnings on October 18th yeah one of the other themes that I've seen a lot of analysts chatter about today is the margin figure at Tesla there are a lot of questions around going forward are we going to see a little more pricing firmness and stability when it comes to Tesla and is that also going to have good implications for gross margins that's one of the biggest questions for them it feels like and the Cyber truck as well the Cyber truck which they talked about maybe coming in the third quarter well guessing done yeah that which is you know there we go there's your triangular shaped truck um yeah there where's the expectation for Q3 that has come and gone so and listen that is very important if you're an investor if you're a Tesla the bull cuz you see there on the screen the Bulls think that truck they're counting on that as a Tailwind for next year we'll see we'll see we'll see about that you are you skeptical of demand for the Triangular truck is that what I'm picking up there little little I'm skeptical I mean they've had a lot of engineering issues with it um reportedly it's a heavy truck it's made of stainless steel um and so there are a lot of engineering issues aesthetically it's not for me but like I it's not for me either but you know what Julie hman Maybe the outliers we're going to find out maybe I don't know with that price tag I don't know how many people can afford it who who would like it but just very quickly also we also got the Chinese automakers reporting deliveries as well when you talk about competition for Tesla particularly in China it's coming from the Homegrown automakers uh so we had Lee Auto xong um and some of the others Neo also reporting their numbers they're all trading lower in the wake of uh reporting that and you know obviously a lot of attention focused on China the Chinese markets are closed by the way we should mention for holiday week so these guys trade in the US but they're not trading in China at the moment and of course there to bring back to Tesla we know the price cutting game because elon's been very upfront about his strategy right volume volume volume even at the expensive profit margins yes y

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