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well we got earnings coming out from Tesla in the past few moments here and Tesla earnings per share missing estimates here coming in at 60 cents 66 cents analysts have been predicting 74 cents in earnings there a couple of the other headlines that we're seeing here coming out from the earnings uh report the company says cybertruck deliveries are on track for later this year we've heard that before so we'll see if they actually start to roll off the line revenue as you can see also coming in a little bit short of estimates here the company staying fast to its production Target of 1.8 million Vehicles this year that is a reiteration um and something that it has repeated time and time again um a lot of focus here has been on the automotive margin number that we've talked a lot about with Tesla cutting prices um Elon Musk the CEO of course has said he is sort of willing to put up with that if he can get more volume and more sales out there of Teslas I have not yet seen that Automotive margin number so SO waiting for that and of course waiting for other commentary that we're going to get here yeah the margin was key obviously as you said Julie musk is playing the volume game volume volume volume even if he has to give up some profit margins interesting we just spoke to Dan IES at wed Bush yesterday of course big Tesla Bull and we asked him do you think the price cuts are now in the rearview mirror and Dan indicated he thought most of those cuts were in the rearview mirror if that's true that would be good for margins potentially looking ahead I think that cyber truck news is also really interesting trying to get some date there of course you're also interested in what's the price of the Cyber truck that bogey seem to be shifting um the price and what you think ultimately demand would look like we know Bulls are very excited about the Cyber truck they think there is going to be strong demand and they think that would be a Tailwind coming up next year so very interested on the call to hear what musk has to say about that as well yes most definitely I'm going through the the um bigger SL shareholder deck the slide deck here to see if we can get that Automotive margin uh number that we have been looking for I'm seeing some of the other margin figures not yet seeing that Automotive margin in particular so we will Circle back with you and give you that number when we do get it but even out of the gate here we're seeing Tesla shares already turn higher uh so we'll uh keep you posted on what is going on here it looks like gross margin for the company at 17.9% so we'll see how that is versus estimates

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