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thing we got Elon Musk makes electric vehicles rocket ships and beer yes that's right Tesla beer apply named cyber beer could be yours for a mirr or $150 for two bottles much like his Rockets the beer bottles are reusable and they were designed to be reminiscent of the Cyber truck the beer is brewed by buzzrock brewing a California Brewery not far away from Tesla's showroom in Southern California but good luck buying it as of this morning it's sold out on Tesla's website this isn't the first time musk has branched out into the beverage space in 2020 they sold Tesla tequila for $250 a bottle now they resale upwards of $900 I didn't know there was a resale market for some of these but apparently so especially for the tequila I imagine that that holds a lot better for longer but anyway this is this is the look at and you've got what the Stein uh the Cyber Stein in there as well so I mean it looks it it looks very cyber trues it does look cyber ask I guess it's a smart idea right they have us talking about it drumming up some some press even more press right we've been waiting forever it seems like for this cyber truck still has not come so they're trying to do everything they can to continue the conversation you have a beer while you wait for the Cyber truck to actually start rolling off the production line and mass but we talk about the fact that Elon Musk is so smart right when it comes to marketing when it comes to getting his name out there smart maybe I think he is smart and how he does it some people I think obviously take issue with a lot of ways he goes about things but I do think it has this talking about it it's another they're not going to generate a heck of a lot of Revenue right for this and like you just said it's not the first time they did they did it with tequila they also did it with a much cheaper beer when they were opening one of their uh gigafactories in Berlin a few years ago so we talk about the fact that hey it's just another thing that Tesla's doing they want you to be talking about it they want you to be hyped for the Cyber truck Why not start selling beer for 150 and it's already sold out is know how many they sold is is that the thing are people and this is the tequila Okay so is are we buying Novelties and things from car companies of vehicles that we don't own or perhaps just no interest I think if GM and Ford were to do this no I don't think the same demand would be there but it's Elon Musk people love Elon Musk they're Believers in Elon mus are going to be buying anything almost anything that he sells so it's no surprise to me that this already sold out 150 bucks that's a heck of a lot to pay for two beers and what do you get two mugs yeah exactly I mean look he sold belt he sold um oh my gosh I mean flamethrowers with the boring company forg how could we forget about the flamethrowers uh he sold those he sold the short shorts for all the short sellers back in the day of Tesla so got to give it to him capitalizes on any Trend available he does he does

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