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we've got more backlash for Tesla after the national highway traffic safety administration you know man your hood is Nitsa they announced an investigation of complaints about loss of steering control in certain Tesla models Yahoo finance this process of Romanian he joins us with the details here hey probably hey Brad so yeah another safety issue for Tesla and Nitsa like you said uh investigating 280 000 model threes and model wise over a power steering loss loss of control of the steering wheel basically one uh there's 12 complaints one person said they lost control hit a tree so there's been accidents because of this other person had to basically just steer into the media and go into the shopping center so serious stuff here with loss of of steering so this is the first step in a safety probe is the first step before an official recall can be announced but you know if you got to replace Parts like steering components that could be a big recall and a big headache for a Tesla now 12 reports how is that high low versus what we tend to see in these kinds of situations it's only for the so far the 2023 model year so it's pretty high for 1 model here this is only just these most recently built Tesla's model y model 3 sedan so kind of a big deal there in theory is this you know they like to fix everything through an over-the-air update right where they just like beam it to your car is this something do we know yet if this is something that can be fixed that way so reading some of the reports from customers that have actually sent the Cards into Tesla some of these service technicians said this needs a an actual uh physical like the whole steering column maybe yeah it's doing a rack or they use a thing called drive by wire which is basically a motorized it's not like an actual connection it's actually it's all Motors and signals so they have to actually replace these components potentially is what this service tech told one of the customers so if you tell me 200 000 SUVs and models that's right 280 000 uh and those all require physical recalls that's a big deal and the one they've never had they haven't had to do that before have they there was a recall that just was announced last month where um about a few hundred Tesla Model lives the steering wheel would come off uh the actual stock so that required a bull Fastener so that's an easy fix but I still need to go into the actual service area to do that

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