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I went in heavy and bought chairs of Tesla in the beginning of the year when you were pounding the table on it yay I bought more when I pulled back several months ago and I don't need the money and I'm long Tesla but I am also up 85 percent I'm not sure if I should take some money off the table so let's look at a couple of things one this is the end game for me for Tesla my bear case is a stock price of three and a half thousand okay by the year 20 30 to 2032 that should be not 2023 it should be 20 30 to 2032 slide typo there so you have an asset now you can buy for 250 in the next eight to ten years is going to three and a half thousand no ifs ands or buts you can bookmark this video and record this that is my bear case and I have analyzed it eight ways to Sunday since 2017. now if you do need to take some profits there are layers remember the layers you can sell let's say 276 right buy back in at 250 or whatever else but these are some of the layers that I see right now so 251 239 225 201 you could play around with those if you do need to take but again for as far as I'm concerned it's a keeper it's like Bitcoin is kind of a keeper or less of course I can find something better at a cheaper price then I'll flip Bitcoin into that asset which I did with Tesla much to the dismay of many people out there [Music]

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