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what's up guys Tesla's currently up 1.15 and once again we've been in able to hold under 250 now this video is being shot at 1 37 PM so who knows what the hell is going to happen within the next couple of hours but as of right now we have been unable to push through 250. now this morning I took two day trade positions I threw them out for free within the Discord server and total made about nine grand I'm sorry five grand so go check out the server it's completely free the link is in the description you get access to free courses free live streams free seminars free webinars and obviously I throw out free trades and if you want access to all of my trades you can upgrade for free your first month as well but the first trade was at 9 43 a.m and as we were pushing up here on this initial candle at 9 33 we had tapped this resistance point of 250 bucks pulled all the way back down started to push our way back up and as you can see where we tagged at 9 43 we had ended up entering a position right up here at about 247.93 solid pullback I ended up closing out my position for a profit and then re-entering once we started to move our way back up now the re-entry I kind of botched a little bit 9 57 am I ended up entering that and right around that time Tesla was trading at about 248. now from there we pushed up and made a higher high on this higher high I'm not worried at this moment quite yet the reason for that is if we were to throw up an RSI which I don't currently have right now there we go you're gonna notice that on this higher high we actually made a lower high on the RSI which is a bearish Divergence one of the easiest things and one of my favorite things to trade so all we're looking for at that point now is this potential break underneath this trendline support which we ended up getting nice sell-off down here ended up closing my profit we've pulled back and since then we've really just been trading between this range for the rest of the day we could try to push and hold over 248 and test 250 into close we'll see what ends up happening but for me to say to enter long here or if it would look good to enter along here I really don't think it's worth it if you're looking at the daily we're extremely overbought the RSI is up at 86. I think that what's more realistic is that we'll probably see Tesla pull its way back in the next couple of days down to 240 once again and try to catch up with this SMA that it's been riding with ever since that breakout from down on the lows so personally I would just be sitting back not trading with it and I've not been doing a lot of Swing trades myself in the past couple of days if you guys are part of the premium group you know that I've really just been sitting back and day trading a lot more because the market is not in a place that I see value for a lot of swings I don't want to be chasing but I also don't want to be timing a top or a potential reversal trying to go against the trend each and every single time is always going to kill you unless you've been doing this for a very long time and you understand number one proper risk management with timing and reversal or playing a reversal but number two you understand technically what constitutes an actual reversal and a break of that reversal or a break of that Trend as opposed to what you think is and most of the time it's wrong for a lot of people hope this video helped back when we get to the close probably around four and we'll see where we end up are right now or where we're going to end up for the rest of the day thanks all support guys check out the Discord Community I'll see you next time peace

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