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I want to talk about two things the first is going to be the Open Range breakout which I talked briefly about and I'm going to continue talking about within the Tesla chat today but the Open Range breakout is very important if you're a day trader or if you're trying to figure out what the trend for the day will be in the Discord at 9 42 a.m I posted that we had some calls coming through for Tesla specifically the 135 000 10-6 calls that came through I said the 10 6aa which means above the ask this specific part is very important and I'm going to explain in detail how you can tell if it's an AA or not but AA stands for above the ask and since the market including the options Market is nothing but an auction if somebody comes in above the ask it means they do not care what the the price is they just want to get in and they will fill no matter what and this is very important because it's showing us that a whale is very greedy and most of of the times whales will not show their emotions or show you what they're doing in in this instance if you guys are somebody who watches flow a lot um I explain this in our in our Channel a lot but if you watch flow a lot you'll understand that they try to hide their orders and they try to actually not trigger specific systems but you guys can see here these calls right now are up 4.4 percent the other calls are up 2.34 which is very nice so that unusual type of buying coming in above the ask and showing that they want to get in no matter what that is a very very good sign for us now one thing that I want to do is take a look over here on the left side of your screen and we're going to look at this one minute chart this is called an open range breakout and the Open Range breakout or orb is going to be this line you see up here and this line right here and all this is showing you is what was the average range of the stock within the first 15 minutes of open so you know if you were to look here basically means that the highs of first first 15 minutes of the day was 250 250 and the lows of the first 15 minutes in the day was 248.60 once we get a clear break above the top of this open range breakout is when we can say that we are going to be long for the day because we're trading over the top 15 orb and that's where I think that we'll probably see that move on Tesla back up to 260. which we're obviously flirting with that level right now if we were to get rejected pull back down to 249 and break that 15 minute open range breakout at the bottom that is where we could see the move back to 240. so I'll keep you guys posted with all the flow either on Twitter or on Discord because both of those are much faster than here I usually post them to both so make sure you follow both of them but it's much faster than relaying information via YouTube I'll come back at the end of the day and we'll look at the S P 500 we'll go over the bigger time frame for Tesla we'll go over any flow that has come through for the day and will make a plan for how we're going to tackle next week if you guys want to trade with me every single day get access to all of my trades my day trades my swing trades my leaps all of our AI training Bots which are coded by myself or my team and access to all of our live streams and all of our trades you guys can do so completely for free your first month just go to the description and go use the second link and for free for an entire month you'll get access to everything that we offer and the reason that we do this is to prove to you guys that number one we're legitimate but number two in a society nowadays where attention is everything if you are going to actually go through and dedicate your time and your attention to us and to our curriculum we want to make sure that you are rewarded for that because we want to be surrounded by only the best people and only the most dedicated people as well so thank you guys for all the support I'll see you guys later peace

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