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yesterday we were talking about fair value gaps and we talked about the fair value Gap that was sitting over here at 252. now if we look there are still two more fair value gaps one sitting at 238 and then we also have another fair value Gap that's sitting here at about 243. most of the time with these fair value gaps they will come back and fill halfway we also have an order block that is sitting down here between 240 and 234. the time to go long would have been the bounce on this order block and technically you would take your profit and wait for the move back up to this resistance order block up at 260. and if you guys want to know what this indicator is you just go to the indicator section and you look up smart money Concepts and you're going to see Lux algo that's the one that I currently have here so we were watching for the potential inverted Head and Shoulders yesterday that could move us back up to 260 and I had decided to play it patient and I was going to wait to see if we pull back down to 240. the reason for this is that our risk versus reward meaning how much money I'm willing to gamble away at seeing if I'm right versus the amount of money that I will make if I'm right was not worth taking if I were to enter back down at 240 and let's just say my average return like this is about 783 dollars which you can see right here my average loss would be 259 so that means that I could only be right half of the time a coin toss but because when I'm winning I'm winning so much and when I'm losing I'm not losing a ton then I will ultimately be profitable over the long term so today what do we need to see we need to see Tesla hold this level above 250 this is a one hour chart right now and basically we would like to see the 9 30 a.m candle hold and the 10 30 am candle hold and the rest of this afternoon that we at least hold this range If instead we come back and we dip back down below which I think could happen we have not confirmed the holdover 250 yet but if we pull back down I'll be looking to go long between 240 250 and 240. now some of this technical analysis seems like a lot to you guys I completely understand go to the Discord community and check out our free courses because we do have a free technical analysis course a free disciplined Traders course and there's a lot of courses over there that will really help you guys with learning how to not only read charts the same way that I do but how to make it as simple as humanly possible so go check it out our courses that are in in the description in our Discord community and you guys will learn a lot over there and the best part is it's completely for free right we're not here to to squeeze profits out of people so looking at this right now we need to see the holdover 250 and if we do the next level is back to 260 dollars from 260 back up to potentially 270. so this is the level to watch for now

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