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Tesla ticket TSLA is up six percent today now this is off the main catalyst at Morgan Stanley has increased their price Target from 250 to 400 so to get straight into it what are the key levels we're going to be paying attention to over on Tesla so as of right now if you start to pull back I'm not too interested in this stock and the reason for that is we're not really at tradable levels until we can get a bigger move so if we push to the downside we'll cover the supports first our first support is at 225 uh oh sorry 222.50 which is obviously a relatively large move from where we are now that would require us to drop around 15 in price so quite far off but is a support we've been paying attention to you know week month down the line and just to quickly note the other two supports just in case we had some sort of a monster move would be 175 and 181.50 so they're going to be the three key supports but what's more likely and what we're closer to is going to be the key resistances and that's going to take us to 274 so 274 is our first deviation on the one year would be a strong resistance and actually not too far from where we are now that's going to be about a 4.4 move which obviously on something like Tesla can happen quite easily even within the day so that would be the first key resistance I'm paying attention to if we go higher we then have two more sets of resistances being at 3 15 and 320. so again that's going to be the main focus I think over on Tesla is yes you have the supports but they just so far off that you know that will probably happen and take at least kind of a month to probably get to those sort of levels so again the main focus is going to be on resistances which is 274 which is going to be the closest one and on this I would use a bit reduced size and the reason for that is first I think we've hit this level before um and again looking back even just kind of a few months or so uh you know we were at near 300 so if we retest that we are likely to break and then that's when I think the hot further up resistances will be more key and again that's going to be the 315 and the 320 as those two key resistances over on Tesla

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