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hey folks welcome back to my Channel today we're driving into the financial Lane of Tesla traded on NASDAQ as TSLA this electric vehicle and Clean Energy company has been a GameChanger in the automotive industry but how are they fairing on the financial front let's accelerate into their Q3 2023 financials to see if Tesla is a stock you want to park in your portfolio remember to hit the Subscribe button for more indepth analysis on various stocks Tesla with Elon Musk at the wheel has been steering the automotive industry towards a Greener future with its electric vehicles and sustainable energy products known for its Innovation and highquality electric vehicles Tesla has a vision of accelerating the world's transition to sustainable energy now shifting gears to the financials Tesla reported Q3 2023 three earnings with a revenue of 2335 billion and earnings of 066 per share non Gap despite these figures Tesla fell short of Market expectations due to softening sales with a 27% rise in sales which didn't meet the forecast two however Tesla managed to keep its gross margin nearly steady dropping slightly from 18.2% to 17.9% the company's effort to reduce production costs bore fruit as the cost of goods sold per vehicle decreased to around $37,500 although the production cost at new factories remained higher Tesla implemented necessary upgrades to reduce unit costs further Tesla also highlighted its strong financial position with a free cash flow of 0.8 billion added this quarter and now has over $ 26 billion in the bank Bank the company demonstrated Adept cost management as reflected in the gross margin figures despite the slight dip the maintenance of a high gross margin amidst external pressures is a testament to Tesla's operational efficiency while Tesla hasn't provided a specific commentary the dip in Revenue amidst an increase in vehicle deliveries might suggest challenges in other areas of their business or perhaps an increase in operational expenses Tesla faces stiff competition from both traditional automakers and new entrance in the EV space regulatory hurdles especially around its autonomous driving technology and supply chain disruptions are other risk factors the global chip shortage and raw material price inflation also pose challenges the slight Revenue dip could be a concern but the increased vehicle sales indicate a strong demand for Tesla's products investors might want to keep a close eye on how Tesla navigates supply chain challenges and maintains its Competitive Edge against growing competition in the EV market right now I don't plan to include Tesla stock in my portfolio this analysis represents my personal views and should not be taken as Financial advice always conduct your own research or consult with a financial adviser before making any investment decisions if you found this analysis helpful smash that like button and subscribe for more insightful Financial reviews stay tuned for more and until next time happy investing

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