Tesla Stock Analyst Dumpster Fire – Stocks To Buy (Video)

these guys literally Chang their assumptions like they changed their underwear so Tesla is still a car company okay it's a car company this is what a stock market clown looks like and at the end of these videos they'll spin a narrative that fits a product they of course will try to sell you that will never lead you to outperforming the market you should always ask the question hey Paul if you're so good at picking stocks show me a 10-year performance of you out performing the S&P 500 they very well could become a software business but until then looks like a duck cracks like a duck walks like a duck must be a duck now look I can call Paul a complete clown because I'm a clown I've been a clown Forever at least I can admit it without jamming products down your throat that I know have no fun fundamental base into the future of investing like real investing cost averaging into long-term index funds he Paul knows at the bottom of his heart that's what you should be doing but that doesn't make him money he needs you to believe that you can pick stocks based purely on earnings and fundamentals and dramatically outperform the market that has never been the case ask him his per performance because look at mine I'm a clown but hell at least I'm willing to show you what my accounts can look like and I have dramatically on every single account I own have outperformed the market by Leaps and Bounds over long periods of time actually this isn't even my longest standing account and it's probably a little exaggerated because my other accounts may be outperforming the S&P over you know an 8 ninee period by maybe an extra 50 to 100% but I've had some astounding based returns here that I wish other people would just show you CU I'm not using this as a as a vector to be like bye Tesla stock it's so undervalued I'm just saying you can't just call Tes car company you are complet an effing idiot if you think Tesla at this point is still just a car company none of the IP and none of the the crazy amount of Engineers they've taken on to build these astounding products have any value right now or into the future I mean they just dropped this video of the Tesla bot and you can't help it's the Elon synergies and how all of these businesses will fundamentally work together you look at things like neurolink you don't you're not telling me like Tesla could easily just use a robotic arm and probably do most of the jobs at an Amazon Factory you know replace jobs at McDonald's for Burger flipping and putting those fries in the fryer but the reason they're building a full robot is because all of these appendages will have real value for multiple applications especially with neurolink with people with disabilities this is true transformative stuff here that you can't help but think that this is going to be margin expanding Beyond imagination here and again I'm not trying to sell you on Tesla stock because I still believe fundamentally revenues things matter we'll talk about Tesla's value in a moment here but I mean you can't help but see even in space travel how these things are going to be used in every aspect of life even forget self-driving forget the car aspect of their business this robot alone if it continues to evolve at the pace it's evolving you remember what that first one looked like oh my God it it it had to be held up we're moving along so fast in the pace of innovation and Tesla's leading a lot of it and most funds don't hold Tesla stock I know I'm not a fan of me Kevin but he did pronounce that you look at Ma many major funds hedge funds they just won't hold Tesla taking a look at the stock today from a valuation standpoint it is a very expensive company and and it'll always be an expensive company for these reasons it's what led to all this volatility Tesla will always be a volatile stock if you can't handle volatility you can't handle these kind of movements and you're over buying this in your portfolio you're an idiot you shouldn't like you shouldn't even probably buy Tesla stock because of the insane emotional movements of the market trying to figure out what that future value is worth so how do we compare this to a company like GM if Tesla is truly just a car company why is it valued so much higher than something like a GM well even as a car company GM is priced as though it's not going to be around in the future and they're heading into some really troubling times right now with how hard it is going to be to buy a vehicle in this tougher higher interest rate environment and it's likely that Tesla is going to be releasing a much cheaper model of a vehicle and if they are competing in the EV space with a much more affordable vehicle and a much tougher higher interest rate environment General Motors is going to have a hell of a hard time keeping up that's why these companies can trade it multiples of four times I mean this looks like the deal of a century yet this car company has declared bankruptcy multiple times through its history let alone even the infrastructure side of it when it it comes to obviously the charging Network right but GM is in a catch-up game they are fighting to deal obviously with self-driving they're fighting to bring the cost of their vehicles down they're trying to introduce EVS but they're always going to be in that level of catchup and again I'm not trying to just crap on General Motors but I mean would you have wanted to own General Motors what would you have preferred over the last 10 years and I know this is a backwards looking game but General Motors or Tesla right and back then people said Tesla was too expensive too and now the valuation has changed so much it's hard to listen to Paul because Paul is saying today it can't be worth that much he would have said that in 2019 in 2017 and 2016 by the time these Innovations catch up the stock catches up with them so you have to speculate to some degree that is all investing it's betting but trying to put the odds in your favor you're trying to bet on vision and again let's just break this down based on Paul's valuation metrics with his tools here he wants you to buy which by the way is just spreadsheet tool you can get these for free anywhere don't pay him a monthly subscription just put it cost average into an S&P you could probably make make a substantial more return than you're ever going to make off utilizing this tool just my humble opinion but let's get into it essentially right not these numbers but these two yeah okay so where is it now where's it gonna be then I put 1821 and 24 which is still a premium for a car company again I hate that he says car company let's call it a tech company and yes for 18 25 30 times multiple that is probably a fair valuation for a tech company um because it's where they seem to be trading for quite some time all right now for annual return you can get 9 or 10% from investing in a lowcost ETF and following the market over long periods of time yeah that's what most people so what return do you want to buy an individual company the more risk and the higher you make your assumptions you need a higher desired return so I put 11 14 and 17 I actually want to increase it just a little bit 12 I think 14 and a half 17 presume return 18% Revenue growth it's going to be hard yeah you're going to look at this and say well Paul they did 50 yeah but they were a lot smaller could this still happen absolutely but remember investing is about making decisions it's basically betting and where the where where's the betting in your favor if the market was pricing Tesla like it wasn't going to grow at all I'd be all in favor of probably buying I'd be like oh my God the Market's pricing this like it's not going to grow for 10 years absolutely it's going to grow remember a good thing can be a bad investment at the wrong price but the thing is is you never know what the right price is cuz if you go back to the dotcom bubble even the S&P 500 was at the wrong price but what are you going to advise somebody to do not as Financial advice but cost average into the stupid thing if you believe in the technology you don't care what the price is you're going to cost average into it over long periods of time and get the median price whatever the fair market Price is going to be that's how you get into a fair market value price I hate when people just presume you're just one time in and that's it you're overpaying for it today that's the difference between investors and speculators investors know all investors are speculators all Investments are speculative risks into future-based returns folks just a matter of how much risk you're willing to take because the S&P over 20-year period has never lost money most individual stocks have lost money again I'm not trying to tell you to buy Tesla over long periods of time it's really hard picking stocks knowing when to get it in out because it's usually the game you're playing there's a price that's too high to pay speculators just hear the story as our friend profess professor aswat says a story remember in 2019 everyone said Tesla was too high that that was too high of a price point to pay you'd overpay for it and that's a guarant what that's what Paul would have said in 2019 numbers is just a fairy tale so combine the story and the numbers the story on Tesla is phenomenal the question is can the numbers justify it so guys remember I'm hit the analyze button just stay with me one or two minutes longer but you get access to all of this with our with our trial the link below everything money.com signup days free full access hit the analyze button the stock is currently at 265 you know what I want to do I want to prove Paul wrong I want to take any money that I put into this this stupid little you know free to use you could find anywhere on the internet sort of a a tool here you can make with a spreadsheet and just put it into the Tesla there cost average into Tesla all the money you would have put into this product just so you can make fun of Paul in the future if you outperform I have a low price ready for this one of 37 a high price of 223 and a midle price of 105 guys even the highest of assumptions it's still not justified and that assumes all this assumes they don't issue any more shares if they issue more shares you're being loed even further this price is going to go down and down and down I'm curious if I backtrack to Paul's videos and just maybe I'll just throw a clip up now to see what Paul's evaluations were on Tesla from even a year ago before it like hit a $100 a share because he's saying at $100 a share probably be a pretty good buying opportunity which it hit right but let me just cut to a quick video of that here are the numbers excited to see it low side of 15 high side of 77 rid price of 40 yep 14 on the low 58 on the high Middle Ground 34 so look if you believe these highest assumptions it looks like the stocks to buy that doesn't mean you go buy the company go do your research join the community talk to people who've read the 10K these guys literally change their assumptions like they changed their underwear wow what a month difference on their price targets make it's kind of just mindboggling to me but I also want to state that what would make me buy Tesla stock back well as I've stated somebody that made a lot of money off Tesla stock I would really like to see self-driving start generating Revenue it the day it like makes a drop of Revenue all my money is going into it the problem is the stock valuation is probably going to catch up pretty dramatically at that point but I would pay any value for a company that's getting into that space and is proving Revenue generative like Google is I think anybody playing in the AI self-driving space in robotics these companies obviously have a vision for what the future is going to be we know that this is going to be so insanely valued these are going to be trillion dollar probably market cap uh possible opportunities right it's just a matter of how we get there because there's no clean path to getting there so it's kind of playing the speculative time where the price of the stock is going to be extremely volatile Tesla stock drops which I'm hoping it does because I'm expecting that this this coming up quarter is going to be not the best of quarters because of how tough the market environment is Elon said that they're scaling a lot of factories right now so we're not going to see probably the best quarter and if we're lucky the stock will be impacted by that that's just my opinion I'm not a financial adviser I'm not telling you what to do but you can always subscribe to this channel to see what I end up doing and hell maybe just is a vendetta against these guys trying just to turn it into a joke maybe I'll just start cost averaging the Tesla maybe that's what I'll do just for fun and entertainment just to see if I can outperform Paul's stupid analysis and prove to you guys over the long term that you know if this works out and I make money I'll be like hey Paul has no idea what he's talking about he never has I don't know what I'm talking about that's why I'm a clown but I'll pass that question off to you I'd love to know what you think in that comment section below