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what's up guys yesterday our trading bot for Tesla ended up getting a trigger entry and I want to share with you guys why and when it's looking to exit if you guys don't know who I am my name is Peter DeCarlo I've been trading full-time for the past eight years and I run a trading Community we call Traders helping Traders with over 11 500 members and our goal is to just simplify trading because everyone wants to make it harder than it is just so they can take your money now taking a look at Tesla and our bot first of all is on the Discord for free as well so if you go over to the free trading floor section under the free trade section you can go to the Tesla bot and you can see that the bot triggered yesterday at 402 saying that it was an entry for three reasons one green hikanashi as well price closed over the 11 SMA and the third money flow index is under 30. you might be saying what does that mean well hikanashi candles right here you can see was green back here on August 21st but we weren't trading over this 11 SMA yesterday we closed up over the 11 SMA we closed around like 2 30 I think like 2 35 or 230 and 50 cents yesterday right around that level and from there now we are holding and you can see that the money flows obviously under 80. but what's the exit requirements and how does this normally work out if we go to the strategy tester and we click on our Tesla trading bot and we run our results you're going to see in the tablature data down here at the bottom right side of your screen how we would have performed doing this versus holding the stock itself you can see the win rate is 76 percent our take profit is two percent after the candle closes which is very important a lot of people don't do that at a stop loss of six percent after the candle closes now in this moment I did not enter a position on Tesla mainly because this is a trend indicator and it is looking right now that we might get a bounce continued up to 240 maybe 242 but ultimately I think Tesla's going to move its way down to 200 if you guys want access to our Discord Community it's completely free get access to all of our trades over there you can get access to the trading Bots as well as courses seminars and much more thanks for all your support we'll see you next time

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