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we're digging into a lot of top story today and Pros I know you have your eye on Tesla over the weekend we finally saw something from Giga Austin the first cyber truck rolling off the per it said they were built it was built in uh gigas and maybe not coming off the assembly line but the first cyber truck there shown this weekend on Saturday so big news there stock charging higher here because the company's is seemingly on on slated to kind of go into production of this truck later this quarter limited quantities and hold that potential customer delivery event at the end of the quarter that musk was talking about so big news there for them we'll see if this car that came off the line was actually just a pre-verification build with something that goes with the line see if it comes out okay they won't sell it to customers perhaps we'll see still good news interesting to look at just tracking estimates right we love talking about Wall Street estimates what these different analysts are putting out there there are three analysts compiled by Bloomberg already that have expectations for sales of the Cyber truck in 2023 the average the consensus of that is over 3 000 sales of the Cyber truck in 2023 it is July so I'm just curious what we actually see come Q3 Q4 those projections are for 70 000 cyber trucks to be sold in 2024 so this is a legitimate part of the Tesla grow story now and where the company is headed for them to start selling these trucks so it'll be interesting to see when we do start it's good that they're being built it's good that they're being built but it's going to be interesting to see when we right when we start seeing them actually be sold delivered how much does the truck even cost we don't even know that was my question so we don't know how much the truck costs we always got the news from four that they're dramatically slashing their costs I feel like this is a story that's happening in the U.S China these pricing Wars how do you think Tesla will approach the price of this thing and how it Stacks up to some of their other vehicles so today apparently I saw the Tweet musk and reply to tweet about those Ford cuts and said the lightning is a good truck but it's too expensive and some people took that as indication that the Cyber truck will come in at a mid-level around the pricing of like the mid-range F-150 Romi Brown 65 Grand or so so be competitive with the lightning but not be crazy expensive so that was taking us good news telestock up Ford stock down but we have no confirmation of that you know we spoke I spoke to a motor trends CEO a while back and he said tesla'll be lucky to get that under 75 000. so a range of sort of outputs here or numbers here I wonder how much the pricing more even matters here when you talk about is it the same consumer is the same person buying the Tesla cyber truck that's buying the electric F-150 I don't know right because it's probably not the person that drives the normal F-150 that's buying the Tesla cyber truck when I said yes I was agreeing with you yeah I think that they're two different buyers like the rivian buyer is not a work truck buyer right right that's an electric Adventure uh vehicle going out in the wild going camping it's not about going to the job site right so I think there's two different buyers there two different sort of use cases there and Tesla could still sell a lot of cyber truck uh to these to these owners yeah and Tesla reports earnings this week do you think the margin story is going to be the top story here to look out for for Tesla especially amid all these price changes that we're seeing across the sector I think it's a it is a major point there a lot of analysts are saying that this might be the trough the gross margin trough for Tesla I think below 20 maybe it'll pop back up in Q3 Q4 that's what the thinking is they already cut the prices you've taken the hit there now it's time of enjoy those economies of scale sell those sell those cars enjoy those EV tax for at least here in this country and try to get back above 20 I think that's that's kind of like so well right now you wonder I mean when is the shoe going to drop people are talking about oh well the stock has run up too much Elon Musk needs to answer these questions about probability I'm like the stock never trades on fundamentals so that's a point it's fair point yeah

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