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yesterday we posted about The $178 Million worth of Tesla calls it came through and then this morning I posted on my Twitter which all of you guys should be following me there and in our Discord community so 12,000 members I throw all my trades out there today I talked about these unusual flows that came through at a couple of hours later we were up 47.443840 if I can if I think it's going to hit $270 to $280 but more importantly we're going to show you guys how this guy or girl made 500% returns let's start first with blackbox stocks and our flow software this is what we use to watch all of the unusual flow come through 90% of flow is worthless understanding how to read and assess flow correctly is the most important thing and it's not an easy skill set that people just have which is why I throw all the unusual flows for the day with within our Discord Community as well as my Twitter account today Tesla right in the morning at 10:13 these unusual flows come through so I'm actually going to use this chart over here this is where we were trading at at the time so we had this big fade we pushed up and we were testing what is called the 15minute Open Range breakout or the 15-minute orb if you're a day trader and we are going to talk about swing trades in the bigger levels guys but if you're somebody who's invested in Tesla just understanding these and how price moves and watching flows this is so important and nobody talks about this on YouTube which is why I talk about it now this light green area basically between 255 and 251 this is called your open range breakout or your 15 orb and all it means is what was the range within the first 15 minutes what was the price High which you can see here at 255 and then price low was down here at 251 and this was only within the first 15 minutes and what tends to happen is if we break and close over the 15minute Open Range breakout we will Trend up for the rest of the day if we break and hold below which we didn't do here we would Trend down for the rest of the day you can make some money usually just trading within the ranges but we'll talk about that in a different video at 1013 right here that we were pushing up into this resistance level as well the 15minute Open Range was there and then we see a ton of money come through so we see this flow hit we're pushing into resistance and volume is coming in the chances that we break through that ceiling are very high this is a very very good sign for the rest of the day we ran up we saw this big dark pole block come in here and if you guys want me to talk about dark poles and what they are comment down below I have no problem doing that in a future video this person closed out up 500% today I would not have held that all the way up I definitely would have been closing around 257 is but if we go and we take a look first at Tesla now on the 4our chart you guys are going to see that we have been holding here for the past day day or so basically sitting between 262 and about 256 and we do have this small fair value Gap here this head and shoulders that we've been talking about for a bit this is still in play the fact that we pushed up and we held here does not does not mean that the head and shoulders is out of play I still think we could see 270 and then move our way back down that would still be a head and shoulders it would be a little janky at this moment I think we're going to continue to trap retail I think we will reject it to I do think we will see this move back down to 2 12 within the coming weeks still I I still believe that I didn't open up a put position quite yet on Tesla I'm going to wait to see if we hit 270 I just feel like we're in a very greedy shortterm mode right here like for the past week week and a half and so I think that we will continue to run just to trap the rest of retail uh in those positions as they drive the stock back down to Phill 221 now I am a long-term investor in Tesla I hope that doesn't happen I currently have 400 shares of Tesla at an average about 20250 4 and so in a perfect world I love for Tesla just rip all the way up into the $300 level looking at the weekly as we spoke about yesterday I do believe and I still stand by the fact that we said if we push and hold over 280 there's no way we don't see know 350 425 the level that we're watching to the downside is 240 if 240 is taken out and broken our next level will be back down to 150 so we've been trading within this range now for the past couple of months and once these one of these pivots is broken the move is going to be a Face Ripper I mean with how much we've been sitting here and consolidating between this level once this squeeze finally releases and we see the symmetrical triangle break the move will be huge either that big move all the way up like we said 60% potentially up to 400 or that potential 48% move back down to 133 but we're talking about the next 6 to 12 months nothing anytime soon now the S&P 500 had a wild day bounced right off of this support but I'm not going to lie um you know I had puts today you may see spy reject here and fill these two fair value gaps back down to 423 the market ripped today as far as the unusual options activity and the unusual flow on the options Market which is what I am mainly looking for simply because there's just so much crap happening if you're not looking at the options Market it's easier to to stay on top of the usual buys but look at how low the confirmed flow was today meta number one at 12.9 million Apple 6.72 million AMD five these are low Tesla is nowhere to be found if you guys want to understand confirmed flow and unconfirmed flow go to my Twitter and listen to this this voice message I explained in detail what both of those mean and why they're so important even in the unconfirmed flow which is what we don't care about there's normally way more unconfirmed than there is confirmed Tesla still is number two with only 30 million and 30 million unconfirmed it's not that crazy so while we did push up heavy here options buyers were not buying into this move we'll have to see the validity of this resistance for Tesla and the validity of this resistance for spy $430 is a massive massive resistance level inverted Head and Shoulders neckline sitting at 430 shoulder head shoulder followed by a potential pullback and a shoulder down to 42305 we have two of these fair value gaps to fill we could still see spy pull back and then test this support level and then maybe move its way back up to 430 and fill these two gaps up here at 438 and 44250 if you guys don't use any of these go to our Discord community and check them out they're completely free we have a Tesla trading bot as well as all of these tickers and a lot of things are currently in positions we have meta in a position position we have Mara in a position Google in a position AMD in a position spy in a position a lot of things are in a position because we're starting to move up in this bullish nature now Sofi is one of those that I ended up closing I shared this on our on our Discord community and on my Twitter which I closed this out for an $1,800 profit today and I put this out there for all of you guys to see yesterday at 222 here's the entry 343 Returns on this trading bot in the past 34 months months while Sofi is down 31% and we ended up closing this out you can see as well that it actually closed out for 3.22% and has re-entered another trade looking for that move back up to $8.29 I personally believe we will probably see a pullback next week but who knows I'm not banking my life on it I'm you know I'm have a lot of bullish positions open right now for the next couple of months and I will continue to hold on to those until major support levels break I hope this video helped guys thanks for all the support check out our Discord Community there's tons of free courses free live streams free seminars free webinars and much much more thank you for all the support and I'll see you next time

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