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all right let's take a look at some of those individual movers and first up Tesla shares closing the day up just about two percent of the stock getting hit with a downgrade from Morgan Stanley Adam Jonas lowered his rating to equal weight from overweight but raises price Target to 250 bucks this year this marking the second downgrade of Tesla in just two days and Akiko a lot of it goes back to just the valuation how far Tesla has climbed at this point the fact that it's really been one of the winners in this AI rally and Adam Jonas being one of those uh analysts that are saying hey at least for right now we're going to stay on the sidelines yeah I mean Tesla's been a beneficiary of a lot of positive headlines we've talked a lot about the partnership they announced on the EV charging with Ford as well as GM there's also the AI play and the the real hopes riding on the robo taxis as well but when you look at the share price it has gone up eighty dollars a share over the last month I mean that is just an incredible incredible run up so no surprise here in terms of what we heard from Barclays yesterday and then Adam Jonas today the valuation is certainly much higher a lot of that really being valued based off of the AI play despite some of the concerns around its EB model moving forward shares of Anheuser Bush closing the day higher after Deutsche Bank analyst Mitch Collette upgraded Bud light's parent company from hold to buy and raise this price Target from 52 dollars to sixty dollars a share nothing that Bud Light is at the end of the tunnel of its controversy and Shawna if we need to remind viewers it is about the controversy around Bud Light using a transgender influencer and we've seen you know a huge huge backlash on the back of that it feels so like animals are a bit split on when we see the end of this controversy because remember last week we were talking about another call saying that this could go well beyond July 4th um hard to say you know when when this this has had so much traction yeah it's very hard to say I think a lot of people have been a bit surprised just in terms of how big of a reaction this got how much sales a Bud Light have really been suffering they've been off over 20 on the weekly basis for the last nine weeks in a row when you compare it to a year ago so it really puts it in perspective just what this boycott has done to the business here of Anheuser but specifically uh the sales of Bud Light we have seen that as uh people have been boycotting Bud Light they have turned to some of the competitors out there like Miller Lite like Coors Light and that of course has led some of the analysts out there to take more bullish outlooks on Molson cores but again Deutsche Bank at least saying that they see the light sounds like at the end of the tunnel here for this controversy and they do expect some of these headwinds to begin to fade all right let's also take a look at Amazon closing today higher JP Morgan reiterating its overweight rating on the stock the team they're bullish on the future growth in Amazon Prime time Loop also reiterating it's by rating lifting its price Target higher here just around 180 bucks that sheriff is up from 140 bucks this year when it comes to JP Morgan though when they reaffirmed their rating it's all just about Prime and the potential here within advertising and what that could look like for Amazon over the next several months yeah and we've seen that advertising side of the business for Amazon uh pick up in terms of growth um in in a significant way as well looking at Loop's note here though interesting to to point out they say Amazon's retail segment mix has become much richer but the 50 billion dollar expansion advertising and then also commissions Revenue when you compare it to where things were pretty cool Amazon shares closing up just about four percent

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