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all right shifting gears now to Morgan Stanley out with a new note on Tesla this morning the firm downgraded Tesla to equal weight from overweight and raised the company's price Target to 250 US dollars from 200 joining us now is Yahoo finance's prize to Romanian to help us break it all down hey price yeah how's it going Rochelle yeah you know the old uh it's called the old cut and raise downgrade cut here by Adam Jones but also raising the price Target to 250 like you mentioned you know Jonah's talking about how this was sort of based on an AI fueled run up in the stock but now that it's kind of uh the now the price is up to over 250 around 250 he sees it as fairly valued at that point uh I want to read something from this note but that's pretty funny he said quote I have to be upfront with you all uh while the team was defended the Tesla over overweight rating all year I did not see the 11 year date rally coming we think it's understandable and we're sympathetic to the changes in the market narrative but he says a generative Ai and the AI that Tesla uses for FSD which is their full self driving are two different different things not the same thing and investors need to have a wake-up call around this so I think he's sort of uh still uh positive in the stock but not necessarily positive on the recent run up and it says there might be some room to run here but he says quote that Tesla is still a must own here based on supply chain prowess maintaining margins and the fact that there's the ability for other deals Beyond charging like Battery tech uh software things like that that they can do to sort of increase their value there and get more sort of margin based on their non-automotive uh endeavors so it does seem like getting into the sort of sort of the Tesla height but it's more AI influence that everything is having it's sort of lifting everything and really over inflating it there yeah and basically saying good enough you got to pump the brakes a little bit on that but not not not not the overall Tesla story though all right well thank you for clarifying a big appreciation to our very own price of remain in there for us

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