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how do you think Tesla's going to look like in the 2030s my prediction is compared to now we're way above ten thousand dollars we'll have obviously splits in the meantime it won't be a ten thousand dollar price but it it will be uh 40 times of where we are now now is it 2030 is it 2032 I don't know but I really believe we are have going to see the next two and two or three years already uh sensible increase in the price just by more awareness understanding of what Vision AI brings and and who is the leader who is the leader there um but I just I mean it's not as if there is no competitor but I don't see any competitor becoming competitive in a in a short term because the homework they have to do is just getting longer every day and they're not catching up they're actually falling back so you just wonder where this you know where this competition should really come from and how they how they will be able to have products and services that are going to be attractive to the consumers I just don't see it yeah that's true that's true so so you're saying by 2030 the stock price at the current moment could be over 10 000. yeah I think it it will be 40 to 50x in in 10 years that's why you know that's why I can't even next yeah why now that that's crazy so then if if the company is going to be let's say around like 456 450 x from what it is now how would the world look like at that time uh I mean you know this is a very philosophy philosophical question and I I've been thinking a lot about the bot because I mean the cars you can still imagine okay there'll be cars driverless cars instead of calling you Uber you call your Tesla and picks you up and you want to do something crazy you get the cyber truck and if you want to go with the family you get your why or your ex or whatever so it's all good cars you can still Phantom but Bots is a much bigger question so if these Bots are in factories so does that mean we will have many more unemployed people what do these unemployed people do if these Bots are as brilliant as I imagine they're going to be output will be four or five times of what humans can do right just by the simple fact that they work much longer hours and they're much more uh it can be much more efficient so will this abundance that we're creating because what we're actually doing is we're increasing the GDP we're increasing the the manufacturing locally in a competitive manner so it also changes actually World Dynamics we're suddenly not in a dynamic anymore where you have a cheap worker in Asia and an expensive worker in Europe and in the United States you have the same Workforce at the same price everywhere that can work much more efficiently than any of them ever did and at a comparable price so suddenly you you not don't have these interdependencies anymore for which people find Wars so this goes really very far how this could shape the world and um and that's why I think that wealth creation is so enormous of what's Happening Here

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