Tesla Stock Investors on Edge | Musk Reveals New Plans for the Company (Video)

Elon Musk the man with big dreams and even bigger Ambitions like colonizing Mars and putting microchips in our brains is back in the spotlight but this time he's sing a bit like Larry David on a recent tester Innings call musk had some surprising news for investors about the much anticipated cyber truck he told everyone to temper their expectations and mentioned that it might take up to a year and a half before it becomes a significant Money Maker even with over a million reservations making it in l quantities and at an affordable price is a tough challenge but there's more musk had something to say about interest rates too he expressed his concern about high interest rates and how they affect car buyers who often focus on their monthly payments but some found this strange as Tesla is seen as a premium brand and high-end products tend to fare better in this economy also the car sales industry has been strong with sales up 6.2% in the US indicating that Rising interest rates haven't had a significant impact on carbine so how did Tesla's last quarter go well it was a bit May Revenue growth was slower than expected and margins and profits Shrunk the company even had to cut prices to stay competitive it wasn't Tesla's best quarter and the stock took a 13% hit after the earnings report must didn't give a clear Outlook and there was some doubt about the 50% annual production growth for 2024 furthermore Tesla's Factory in Mexico seems to be progressing slowly due to global economic uncertainties so there are some challenges ahead but not everything is gloomy here's the exciting part Elon Musk is still excited about artificial intelligence he believes that artificial intelligence could make Testa the most valuable company globally with more than 500 million miles logged by testa's full self-driving beta and new artificial intelligence updates musk thinks Tesla's artificial intelligence team is the best on Earth so should Tesla investors be worried well it's a bumpy road challenges with the Cyber Tru and slower Factory construction could impact growth but a significant part of Tesla's value is in its artificial intelligence potential like Robo taxes that should keep Tesla's stock somewhat stable for long-term investors it might not be a big concern however 2024 seems like it could be a tricky year with Rising interest rates and production hurdles so remember what Elon Musk said about the Cyber truck Curb Your Enthusiasm Tesla's ride might have some bumps ahead but it's still on the road to something exciting keep an eye on Tesla and its journey into the future