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think about the note from Deutsche bank's analyst about them coming up Shy maybe a couple hundred thousand on deliveries for the year I mean I think it's a waste of energy you know Tesla's going to deliver you know 1.8 to 2 million cars they're the dominant player in the EV space and now with the Ford you know uh plant on hold and you know basically comp competitors sort of Dying by the wayside here um Tesla's going to come out of this interest rate cycle in a stronger position than the other car companies especially many of the EV competitors which need Capital so the FED is inadvertently helping you know Tesla a lot in continuing its dominant position in EV business but worrying about a couple hundred cars 100,000 cars this that you know it's this is a company that went from selling 100,000 cars a year five or six years ago to now almost 2 million and on track to you know continue to grow at a 40 50% rate so that's Tesla have you ever wondered about the fate of Tesla in this everchanging Auto industry with new EV models hitting the market yearly we may be forced to Fear the Future of Tesla but do we really have to join us as we seek answers to this very critical question and discover what the future is going to be like for this leading automaker as we zoom into the era of a cleaner Greener Energy Future Tesla is like that cool kid leading the way the ultimaker is not just building electric cars but also crafting a sustainable future in manufacturing transportation and energy storage it's a bit like watching a thrilling race where Tesla is in the lead and the others are trying to keep up now there are some new electric vehicle startups in the US trying to ride the Tesla wave but let's be real they've hit some bumps along the way and the road ahead doesn't look as smooth as they thought and it's not going to get any better which is why we think Tesla is still going to maintain its position in the lead for a long time in this video we'll explore some of the details behind this Theory and disc of the Dynamics of Tesla's business the one fact that makes it stand out amongst other companies in the world let's dive in so it is a great time if you're an old investor who is focused on income we haven't seen income levels guaranteed rates this high in like 25 years on the tenure and you know boy 5% guaranteed by the government with inflation at 3% going lower is a great return for safety but over the long term the stock market's average 10% a year so if you accept 5% a year and you're saving for a long-term goal like retirement you're never going to reach your goal so it's still not a good enough yield if I'm a young investor to choose a t- bill over Tesla let's say where over the long term Tesla has tremendous growth opportunity so I think for each investor it's that balance between stocks and bonds and that's what we do at Kerber kwasaki is really like determine your risk tolerance and and build your portfolio around that what kind of risk tolerance does one have to have for Tesla right now I think the charts fascinating over the last three years we've got the downtrend off the highs but the uptrend off the lows by my armchair technical uh analysis so Ross it looks like we've got maybe a month before this thing's got to either break up or down which way you think it's going to go I think I might already know the answer well I you know I'm not g to tell you which way Tesla Stock's gonna go I mean you know I wish I knew that for sure but you know we work around valuations and Tesla is still one of the highest valued stocks in the market based off its Ford PE ratio Tesla has a lot of things going for it like the Cyber truck launch and a great article today in the Wall Street Journal about how the mega packs have really stabilized the electrical grid this summer and helped Texas and California avoid blackouts and all the utilities that are investing in Tesla energy uh Battery Systems which are just revolutionary our Energy System so I think long-term Tesla is an incredible investment on the short term Tesla has these headwinds with higher rates retooling the factory so I I think if your goal is 1 to two months you know I I don't know about Tesla but I think if your goal is over the next 3 to 5 years Tesla is as good of investment is ever and and it's just a high valued stock the most significant challenge to Tesla in the coming years and all of the other established auto makers and a group of Chinese manufacturers is actually going to be how these auto makers still have a long way to go in order to catch up with Tesla based on this fact it remains abundantly clear that despite a long list of compelling new EVS coming to Market Tesla is still a dominant leader not only in terms of sales but also in terms of Technology demand and profit margin hey guys welcome back to Tesla tomorrow in the realm of electric vehicles and automative Innovation a Trailblazer emerges that defies convention and redefines the essence of driving and that is Tesla let's face it there are plenty of EVS out there and more are coming up soon but guess who's been been leading that charge yep it's Tesla the one everyone else is chasing what most investors don't really understand is that Tesla has made a historic rise up to become the top of the car market and it's all thanks to its Cutting Edge EVs and Advanced Energy Solutions led by Elon Musk Tesla's rise has become meteoric and it's no surprise on Wall Street Tesla is more than just a symbol it's a phenomenon it's a stock with a jaw dropping 7,278 surge over a decade and it's a financial Supernova captivating investors and the Market's attention like few others can this company's been more than just significant cars but rather it's seen a pretty impressive movement towards a Greener and more efficient driving and Manufacturing procedure Tesla is ahead of the competition and there are many reasons for this let's see what those are but before we do if you like this type of content hit that like button subscribe and turn on post notifications to keep up toate on everything going on with Tesla so here's the Scoop Tesla isn't just leading in sales they've got the tech the demand and the cash flow going strong why well there are a few reasons that make Tesla Top Dog first up Tesla doesn't play the leadership game you know how traditional car companies share profits with dealers Tesla skips that and sells direct to Consumers the result is more cash in the automaker's pocket and then there's FSD Tesla's been developing its FSD software since 16 and recent progress shows that the car company self-driving software is becoming more than that of its competitors every Tesla is equipped with the hardware necessary for full self-driving meaning that a customer only needs to buy the software package to enable it besides Tesla no other car manufacturer is even close to developing in-house self-driving software note that wh Cru and mobile ey are not car manufacturers and therefore for other car makers to include this technology in their own vehicles they've got to license to self-driving software from another company and this will no doubt increase the vehicle's cost Tesla's FSD positions it on the Forefront of the recent AI Evolution and it's only going to go up from here and the reason for this is because Tesla bull Katy wood described the car company as a Hidden Gem of AI related stocks believing that the biggest beneficiaries of AI technology is going to be the companies with the largest proprietary data sets in a previous interview would stated that Tesla has got the largest pool of real world driving data in the world adding that the company has more of the kind of information that will become valuable in its future endeavors let's talk about numbers for a little bit Kathy W says AI is going to make knowledge workers four times more productive by 2030 even her company AR invest predicts AI could Rak in trillions and guess who's in a prime spot to cash in on this yep Tesla investors there's also the robo taxi one of our invests most anticipated Tesla projects the firm is pretty hyped about the robo taxis coming out of Tesla and they say that they could pull in trillions in Revenue by 2030 that's going to be quite a bit of money The Firm predicts that Tesla's Robo taxi business will contribute 67% of its expected Enterprise Value and 64% of its expected ebitda in 2027 and there's other things too it also expects that Tesla EVS are going to contribute 47% of revenues in the same year despite having substantially lower margins than Robo taxi but here's the Scoop while Tesla's still sitting pretty they've got some homework to do for one Battery Tech and it's a pretty big one at that Tesla has made significant strides in Battery Technology especially with the model S and model X vehicles and there's no need for any fear in this sector because there's still a need for continuous Improvement in this technology by improving it t Tesla can increase the range of its vehicles and make them more efficient and that will not only appeal to Consumers but it's also going to help Tesla to meet the strict emissions regulations that are being put in place around the world it's simple improving batteries means longer drives and happy customers plus it helps to tick all the green boxes on the global Eco checklist batteries are like the secret source for electric cars there's no doubt that there are many compelling EVS on the market today plus many more along the way and there are some other is coming very soon however it is a known fact that Tesla has been a first mover over and over again in a world where change is the only constant Tesla setting the pace and the rest they've got a Hustle Hard to catch up what do you think let us know down below and if you want to know more about what Tesla has been up to over the last few days go ahead and click on this next video on your screen see you there

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