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[Music] with another video we'll be talking about Tesla stock and how Tesla stock made me a little over eight hundred dollars within about three ish minutes this was the profit on Tesla stock right around 8 10. you can see the Tesla you'll see the exact same contract that I'll show you guys but around 810 very easy play then you see the play right here my Tesla call option play the month strike price that I paid what type of play it was sold half at 15 gain so the other half at a 28 percent gain very good play and it only took us about three minutes 9 14 to 9 17 very easy play this is why I say join the team you I'm literally showing you guys winning plays every day make sure you are joining the winning team and use this code right here 11 now you get 11 off your first month either I lead our VIP and you also get two months free when you sign up for the full year if you just want to pay one time and then be done with it okay well once a year so now let's get into the actual play so remember what I told you guys you want what Direction okay make sure you watch the video before this one how I made 1300 in like two minutes very big video so one you want Direction okay two what do you want Target okay you want Direction Target and you gotta have that direction before the market even opens you should already have a sense of where you believe the market is going to go and then number three you want to have your entry so Direction Target entry so when Tesla was trading sideways here I had a Target on the downside so say Target was down here right so as it was going down we were looking for resistance in this level here now once Tesla start breaking up okay let's take this off one Tesla start breaking up right here it actually did something very critical it broke a resistance level and it actually turned that resistance level to a support so that was telling me that Tesla is about to reverse and go higher and then if you look at Tesla from here Tesla did reverse and go higher okay but what happens after I hit my target is not any of my concern it's only when the target hits I exit and that is it okay I don't worry what happens afterwards that's not our concern it doesn't matter the play is done so I entered here okay enter here for call options and then we ran it up actually no I waited a little bit we entered around here I believe yeah we enter right here on this candle at the bottom of this candle we entered and then because we enter at 9 14 and then 917 we exited here right so this right here was that play that brought over 800 okay I was actually live streaming it we were live I was like this is a good play we'll get over 10 telling everybody with confidence right that that was going to push up and break that Target and it did so we had direction we had a Target we had an entry we also had a signal that resistance levels broke which means Tesla's going to start going higher which is also why I played it on the upper side too okay so that was a key sign and there's also a key sign and we started pushing up here we started breaking those distance levels that's why I say when price is moving it is doing something it's not just moving to have fun you see the breaking resistance levels is it breaking support levels is it showing signs of reversal is it going to continue to the Lower Side because if it actually show resistance here and it actually started going back down then I would have had a Target down here and we would have aimed for that okay but that's the play that I did on Tesla make sure you join the team thank you guys for watching always remember no circulation to buy or sell anything just for education purposes only so do not trade anything you see or hear the video catch you guys that next one bye

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