Tesla Stock Market Performance: Is the Long-Term Outlook Bullish? (Video)

hello and welcome back to this edition of daily activities brought to you by bootleg macro I am Dustin and we are looking at Tesla once again this is probably the most common stock to be on the most active show just because it is a darling in the stock market it has a CEO that everyone knows about and somebody who loves to sling mud on his own social media platform which I love for the attention so if we look here with the price has been going on with Tesla this is a little concerning we've got three days in a row we're down we aren't really down in the five day the 15 day the one month three month or six month yet I do notice that the price has now gotten below its five-day moving average which that doesn't mean a lot to me but it is at least a signal that some people pay attention to uh you can see in the short term intermediate term and long term we do still have a go along signal we do have a bullish on the short term would you have a bearish on the intermediate term but on the long term we're still very bullish on Tesla looks like here looks like the demand is very much in control the one thing that is positive to see is that on the rolling sentiment we do have a falling Bearer here which means essentially we've come probably off of a top you can see up here we're around like 68 66 60. we started to roll down in the two-day bullish sentiment which is really positive to see on the 10 day we are below 50 which is actually quite positive to see you could expect a little bit of downside here but once that two or five day really gets more normalized around 50 you could expect a nice upload just because you expect bullishness to be in control of Tesla in general you can see the move we have here we're still up at those nine month highs so there's really nothing to be concerned about we haven't filled this Gap yet you could expect that potentially we look at the daily sentiment indicator here we have come down quite a bit we were up around 70 71 we're back around 57.8 that's positive but we do want to run that 50 just to feel more comfortable we can see with the volume here it it really has fallen off a cliff which is kind of nice if you expect that the price is stalled you want to see the you'll see the volume really increase only when the price is moving up if you're a bull here we're looking at the correlation of price to volatility red being volatility Blue Bean correlation you can see the correlation is falling while if we look more closely the price correlation is or the volatility is for falling well the price correlation is also falling which means the price is essentially going to go nowhere to sideways we look at the trade range here on the daily this is positively narrowing which is good you do want to see it narrow you wouldn't mind seeing Tesla go side to side a little bit like it did here before it breaks out again again this is the ultra fast sentiment nothing really new to see there but tell me what you think in the comments below are you long are you sure do you like it do you love it is this even a good review and before you go subscribe to the new high newsletter comes out Sunday at noon I'll talk to you soon