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hey everyone welcome back to Bull brezza if you're as curious as we are about the thrilling world of Tesla stocks and the recent shake-ups they're facing you're in for a treat today and if you're in a gear don't forget to hit that subscribe button for more engaging updates October 26 2022 a date that was supposed to Mark a significant collaboration between the electric vehicle Titan Tesla and the Aussie lithium gem core lithium but oops something won a mess the anticipated deal between these two big players just didn't happen while we were all eager to hear about Tesla getting a whopping 110 000 metric tons of lithium from core's thinnest project in Australia the tables it seems have turned now Tesla under the dynamic leadership of our very own lawn mess might just be gearing up for a legal battle why you ask it all traces back to a term sheet sounds official right that they both Inked earlier this year this wasn't just any paper it was the paper that was supposed to pave the way for Tesla to acquire spajamine a key ingredient that's bursting with lithium core lithium stance they're hopeful for a friendly chin wide to sort things out Tesla well they might just pull out the legal big guns if things don't smooth over what does this mean for Tesla's stock and the future of their lithium supply only time will tell so there you have it folks an unexpected twist in the Tesla tail if you found this info intriguing do give this video a thumbs up and drop your thoughts in the comments below what do you think will be the next chapter in the Tesla core lithium Saga we'd love to hear from you stay charged up and informed until next time keep those gears shifting and wheels turning and always always keep it green thanks for watching bull brezza stay healthy

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