Tesla Stock Prediction – Market Is Panicking?!?! TSLA Stock Analysis (Video)

what's going on everyone today is the 10th of July 2020. here to talk about Tessa real quick um trying to figure out if the market is panicking into the market in Tesla because you guys can see the last four days of trading the market is getting hung up right there around 284 dollars we get it is that something that we should be worried about because this is acting as lead currently into the market in Tesla we need to pay attention now so let's look at this on a smaller time frame here is Tesla on the 45 minute chart you guys can see that there has been a slight decline occurring into the market in Tesla but now is trying to come back up we need to see that continue in order for us to see this market and Tesla come through and break that 284 to the upside I wanted to see the market in Tesla on a couple of daily time frames okay because you guys can tell that we're not in this we're not looking for a price to go down our price prediction has been on this chart for a while ever since what June 8th we have June 8th June 9th and we're still anticipating that the market in Tesla is still bullish and here it is on the three-day chart we're currently seeing that the market is still bullish we got that indicator of strength on the prior three days and we have 8 hours and 43 minutes on this current three day part as far as you guys can tell even though we're not seeing demand and interest of Tesla up here around 280 the volume is coming in later so hopefully at the conclusion of today's trading day the market volume remains light because it tells us that the market is definitely it's telling us two things either one people are not buying Tesla up here or two the sellers are not selling up here okay so that will give us a huge clue as to what to expect going forward into the market in Tesla take like this on the five-day chart this is one reason why I'm still looking for price to go up right here on this Friday price bar it was weakness but for the market to come back up and exceed the prior High it tells you that the demand and interest is still there that's it okay so we're going to continue to look forward for Tesla to go higher but for me as you can see we're clearly within profit you will want to come in and skim off some of this profit though as you already have it locked in so that would be 12 and a quarter percent right there all right so I'm not going to change my price prediction in a sense of us noticing if Market is panicking I really don't see it yet okay now at the conclusion of today and at the conclusion of that three-day price bar if we still see price and Tesla unable to attempt to trade up here on 280 then we need to talk okay so as right now I'm not going to change anything on a price predicts I just want to come in and show you how fast it should be to tell whether or not a market is acting erratically is it you know people really selling into the market as price ran up in Tesla or are people still comfortable with prices trading this high and right now it still seems that people are comfortable so I want to leave it alone if anything changes as always I'll come through and drop another video but this is a quick one for you give me your thoughts make sure you maintaining profitability and as always try different