Tesla Stock Price / Prediction 06/11/2023 (Video)

Tesla is currently 253. oh sorry 243 dollars as of June 11 2023 Sunday Market's not open today Market opens tomorrow but this trading week this past week of June 7 8 9 10 has been the craziest week of Tesla of all 2023. we've gone up almost 50 exactly fifty dollars last week we were at 200 and 198 199. now we're at two and we actually went up to 252. so what is next what is next to come for the Tesla bulls or the Tesla bears well nobody knows are we gonna go to 300 tomorrow June 12th Monday or this week will we go to 300 I don't know well first we gotta here we break 265 275. and if we go down we might go they're saying 235 235 crucial levels you know we got to break 240. um what do I think about that I think honestly I'm a Tesla bull 24 7. I think we're gonna shoot up not to 300 maybe end of the week 265 it is really good we'll go to 275 280. uh that's bull case bare case I think yeah we'll go around 2 30 and if it gets really really bad maybe 225 220. if anything below that damn so me currently my position is um 200 shares 191.47 average so I'm doing pretty good now but I don't plan on selling anytime soon so yeah guys uh that's pretty much gonna be today's video and this is actually my first video ever so I'm gonna be making another video showing my portfolio you know my Tesla position and all that so yeah if you like the video leave a thumbs up like do all that if you don't don't do it it's all right peace out