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Tesla is currently 282 dollars a share as of July 14 2023. what's next for Tesla earnings on July 19th Wednesday what's gonna happen on earnings I don't know you don't know if anybody knew will [ __ ] make money only thing you could do is buy shares and be along if you're going to play contracts You're Gonna Play options if you're going to play bids be very careful with Tesla if it goes down it's going back down to two twenties to 200s which probably don't go back down to the 100 you know 190. so it goes up get ready we're going to 300 you know we're going to Auto obviously we're going 300 if earnings are good and not only 300 which y'all we don't fly 315 320 310. so be very careful I personally you know my voice crack laser from pounding my shirts I personally do not trade I only buy shares on dips even if I have to average up I buy shoes because I believe in Tesla going to one thousand dollars plus a share so I just buy dips buy more shares average job I don't care if my average is 270 350 uh 420 uh even let's say my average is 420 yeah how many shares am I gonna have what 400 500 you know uh let's see man so earnings is gonna be very good to play today's Friday the 14th I Told You So I said the week closed but this week has actually been one of the best weeks of the market of all 2023 oh and they almost crashed today as this week has been one of the best weeks July 10th through July 14th we s p went up freaking from 435 to 451. listen to that 435 to 451s the S and P that in a week is you know you tell me QQQ did the same thing Q baby went uh 365 to 382 that's a lot of points 365 382 in a week come on man it's a good week good week and it's not in a straight line boy it'll be like this this like this this this this you know how to be it's just funny you know if I tell you that oh my goodness in a week you're gonna think it went from Monday to Friday no it did but like this crazy man Market that's the market for you so just be very careful with Tesla man I love Tesla I know you guys love Tesla being a Tesla bull is good because why have your money in the bank when you can have an intestinal I don't know you tell me obviously you run it at risk of it going down into the bank no so if you don't want to have it in Tesla bro throw it in the freaking SMP or the queue you're not gonna lose money bro I mean not just won't get as much profits as big stocks but bro q and s p come on now that's the best thing ever you know besides from a real estate property come on dude too much talking about Tesla man next week we are reporting on Tesla and I'm gonna let you guys know if we went up oh if we going down

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