TESLA Stock Price Prediction and Analysis 17 June – TSLA Stock (Video)

how long will come everybody this is 17 June right now here is going to be a thing that is ready what I am causing here for you well and how can we do this together so we go to get started don't forget to subscribe don't forget to like I'm going to tell you about what is going to be upcoming for the Tesla stock is it going to be a thing that is really related to the side of what we wanted to have maybe not really related to the other side so as you think that what you want to see from the start this is a live track meet you wanted to invest you want to be sure about why it has this kind of increase the regulation has been increased for the upcoming side five days from December here on 130 so if you invest 130 you to this you would have the earnings doublet so if you have to say for example 100 USD you would if that's in return about 2 000 USB that is very impressive and the good for Traders to know about this kind from the start or from the beginning allows this without any doubt in this kind because that's really what I am saying about from one to zero mention seven on this kind here it's going to be multiplied divided by four to reach from that one Financial level value to zero the dimensionable value so I think is it it still has and thinks it is maybe going to be on this kind of the progress very very fine and this is going to allow this is going to the decrease here however it still has things that is very good for things that is ready for what we want to have this kind in this progress or in this form will things that may be going to give you stopped okay I think that what I can think about through this