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foreign August just to follow video don't forget to subscribe to our channel here it is going to be the side of what we want so however the site is going to be like this is going to be having a lot of things just to see what is going to be the thing that is on here sending decrease the momentum however the side is going to be like this whenever we want to have this in our order because it is contributed aside of what is happening through if we wanted to go through this without any problem without in depth so however we wanted to do this with the site that is going to be giving you intention about this stock here right now if it goes to be like this it should be not very bad unsatisfying things that is having a little Concepts and you don't know why this concept is not going to be appearing or show off okay because if you see that it's going to be the concept it doesn't show off it goes to be having a problem on increasing momentum it may decrease immediately and your loss is abrupted if you have invested from here okay that is my opinion about what is happening through this time or this part because if you if you think that it is very inside of what is Happening Here so it would be ready like this and doesn't even go west the side that we want thank you for watching this video and the good luck

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