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his comments are eye-opening and I've just shown these analysts what investing in Tesla is really like why has Tesla's demand been so lackluster recently is it because they've overproduced and are unable to reduce prices sufficiently due to a lack of pent up demand in addition for electric vehicles and another but why are they experiencing such low delivery rates and why do they have so much Surplus stock at the moment thus we believe that the fourth quarter has begun in other words if I step back and take a broad perspective consider annual deliveries which I anticipate will total $1.8 million in comparison to its natural surroundings that's an astoundingly high value I agree with Phil that margins tend to fall h four it sounds like you have a refreshed version of the model 3 cyper truck ready to go into production and I believe they are beginning to increase their market share in China that's why we've been advising our investors here you continue to own this name because this is more of what I perceive as a pause into the next phase of the Tesla growth story what changed that caused them to shift from being unable to meet demand a year ago to being able to do so now why did this occur there is a clear decrease in demand we have witnessed this in China where a price War has developed but I think it was smart to play poker and lower pricing the stock price seems to indicate that demand for Tesla has been increased investors frequently engage in a guessing gain when trying to place a value on a company sales cash flow and profit projections for the next 5 to 10 years are all calculated however that is rarely the most effective approach stock price projections for Tesla should begin with the company's fundamentals which include its current and projected demand in the rapidly growing electric vehicle EV Market not all investors realize that Tesla has a secret sauce or formula for its success keep it in mind customers of all Stripes including eco-conscious progressives and Trend Setters are flocking to the Tesla brand this bundle is impossible to pass up because of its attractive price point excellent performance and Cutting Edge features in this video we'll examine why certain Market Watchers in contrast to the consensus expect demand for Tesla products to increase in a matter of years Tesla's demand will scare rocket requiring the company to ramp up production keep going today Tesla shares dropped after reports indicated a 10% drop in demand for Tesla's electric automobiles in China it comes after the company had a rough run last week reporting delivery and production data that was less than the previous quarter and it comes after a new report by the China passenger car Association found sales were down for both the model 3 and the Y cars that's quite cool to hear Elon Musk is well known to not be bashful about his plans for Tesla he has been aggressively lowering prices it's a numbers game and if that means Juliet has to forego a profit so be it yeah it's also worth noting that Tesla seems to have followed the current market shape so it was raining harder this morning then they reenter The Fray this information from China appears to have made a comeback however if you look at the China EV manufacturers you'll see that they've been under a lot of pressure recently additionally I do not think that those stocks have experienced the same kind of rebound ano Spain and Lee Auto are among the stocks I've been keeping an eye on today and they're still in the red as the day has progressed you have not been able to catch a bid like Tesla has yeah check check out the stats please in the first 3 quars of 2022 Tesla earned a staggering 57.1 billion in Revenue the vast majority of which came from the sale of their magnificent automobiles nearly $930,000 Vehicles were released during this time and over 900,000 were delivered to satisfy buyers in spite of what these analysts claim Tesla's demand is trending upwards as shown here if you've been selling your Tesla shares because of a drop in demand you may be tossing your money away instead of finding it hey come on back to Tesla on Monday Tesla is more than just a competitor it's a GameChanger and because of the worldwide emphasis on sustainability and the fight against carbon emissions the demand for EVS is skyrocketing and Tesla thanks to its dominant market share and strong reputation stands to benefit greatly the corporation has made major strides in the development of electric car technology such as batteries autonomous driving features and charging stations these technology advancements help set Tesla apart from other more conventional automakers and provide the company a Competitive Edge in the market before we go any further if this is the sort of stuff that interests you make sure to click the like button subscribe and enable post alerts to stay a breast of all the latest Tesla news keep it in mind Tesla's electric vehicles are popular among econscious Shoppers and Tech nerds due to its Cutting Edge features impressive range and minimal impact on the environment also Tesla is always including and updating its vehicles with new features and upgrades which keeps current and potential customers interested in the company and its products moreover these advancements are not limited to the automotive industry the Innovative Battery Technology automated Drive driving and extensive charging infrastructure that Tesla offers are just a few examples these advancements are not merely good they are outstanding and they provide Tesla an unbeatable advantage over the competition the automaker has also been actively expanding into new international markets just as a growing number of nations place a premium on sustainability and make the switch to EVS Tesla has a lot to gain from the expanding market for vehicles that don't rely on petroleum who wouldn't desire a car that is faster handles better and has more safety features than its competitors to further ease purchasers Minds Tesla has an extensive supercharger Network and by addressing range anxiety it shows that long-distance travel in EVS is possible so it's unclear why any EV driver wouldn't desire a Tesla to satisfy surging demand Tesla is putting its growth plan into action by running on all cylinders add its us Chinese and German gigafactories and increased output directly correlates to expanded market share which may trigger dramatic economies of scale when it comes to securing supplies of semiconductors and batteries UBS analysts believe Tesla has a secret weapon even if competitors encounter delays Tesla's control over its supply of raw materials and ability to manufacture batteries internally could provide the company a decisive Advantage Tesla wants to spend heavily in Advanced Battery Technology and build several new gigafactories in 2024 as part of its expansion strategy the outlook for the future is exciting the success of Tesla's power wall and power pack in the home and Business markets suggests that these products are the key to solving energy storage problems it's a shove move toward diversification and it's not limited to automobiles Tesla isn't contend to sit on its Laurels its top-notch products and Market beating prices are the result of constant innovation in both engineering and production methods as for the outcome amazing automobiles there are probably additional factors to consider as well for instance the stock price of Tesla could be affected by macroeconomic factors like interest rates higher rates lead to lower stock valuations and perhaps reduced vehicle demand due to increasing borrowing cost costs the level of competitiveness is rising as well however competitors like be and D are closing the Gap quickly despite Tesla's High profit margins on its EVS however Tesla shareholders shouldn't be too worried about this price reductions implemented by Tesla are intended to do more than merely preserve the company's market dominance it's also a flex from Tesla to its competitors sales and profits for Tesla have been increasing at a rapid clip despite weak demand in the automotive industry as a whole the corporation increased its Revenue by 47% in the second quarter of this year bringing it to $24.9 billion net income also increased by 20% reaching $2.7 billion to some extent volatility in Tesla's margins are to be expected given the historically cynical character of the auto business aggressive price cuts on its vehicles and investments in long-term growth plans Beyond Auto Sales in the long run though things will improve the market leaders margins remain healthy relative to the rest of the automobile industry not withstanding a recent period of downturn price Cuts Tesla has implemented recently are part of a strategy to expand its market share and this move may prove fruitful in the long run but now we see Tesla's true superpower Alon musk has said in the past that Tesla doesn't need to earn a profit on vehicle sales because of the autopilot feature in that case Tesla would have already won the race against its Rivals as no other automaker could hope to compete no competitor will be able to match Tesla's profits do you anticipate High sales volumes for Tesla in the coming years share your thoughts with us below and tell us how much you think Tesla is worth and if you're curious in Tesla's recent activities you may see the following video by clicking here have a great time

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