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not welcome this is this last talk about examination about its respiration analysis so let's see what we can do so the start and from it to the end so all you have to do is to hold the video and don't forget to subscribe to our Channel let's get started here on the right track win so you have to do is to understand what it's going to be through our examination from the start to the end of this video so this is going to be about a slope line here and this is about to be another line here so that it's going to be stronger support and resistance and as well I won't go here from the side of making this very good to see what is going to be through its resistances and the support is not even going to visit and saying that is important to determine if that goes to be making such an increase from 11 of 20 200 76 minus 108 so it goes to equal to uh 166 USD and that is going to be actually the current value that we are here right now and it still has some problem but it doesn't go with it before no because it's really that's consistent of this kind of support also kind of what we wanted to share here in this video about how can this really makes it from the start to the end on Tesla stock so we have to determine this kind of why this happening from our progress and the opportunity 4 is going to be all ways that it can be helping the progress and understanding why this could help a very good this adult of satisfying sayings on this last talk we're not even going to be the single stubborn that's this stuff from rising it is Justice the increasing I hope this video could be helpful

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