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hello and welcome today's video I will show you here on this let's talk on 25 August okay Tesla stock on 25 August is going to be very nice stock that it can be delivered to steer and the race cycle on what we wanted to have so this is going to be support here in support here and this is going to be the rise resistance and support and this is going to be the movement that we want so all you have to do is to understand what is going to be Beyond this as you can see this is really what I can uh sensitively reach for all sides and ways that can be right now um as you can see here this is a support and resistance and increasing and it makes this movement as I think decrease the momentum again and this is going to be having this kind of cycle every time in very Bart every day and I think that is really what I can have in my mind about this this is going to be the increase in momentum that I can reach so let's see why we do this we have to do this because it is really the side of kinda thing that is really very good and satisfying for always and things that you should understand from the start here to the end from the beginning to the part where we have to go through because that is really but I can't think so for the increase the momentum here and decrease everything listed for always under the sides that can be very good so that still has something that you have to understand on the support and resistance every time here because it support it's really very good for understanding all kinds and sights that's all thank you for

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