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hello and welcome this is this last talk on 27 August today's video I will show you how can you do Trice prediction and dialysis ready right now goes to be very good important technical analysis that you should follow I will teach you here in this video how can you invest and the rich profit or avoiding the risks of decreasing and revenue so what we wanted to do is to go zero here on the stop line as another slope line here goes to be the side of the resistance and support and if you wanted to do here was a side of the resistance and support you would like to have this in your mind yes we have to do this because it's just a case of what's the side of matters if that goes to be like this to decrease the momentum or increase the momentum everybody every time that's needed for a lot of traders to help you all the other kinds of what is happening because if not so it would be really causing a side of bad singers or matters that it may be reaching bad sides at the important thing so as you can see it would be really the side of what is helping you so if you say that it would increase the momentum from here to this part to increase so it would be really here is a support and this is going to be the increasing momentum this is going to be this rigid formulated right now and then decrease the momentum this increasing momentum is an increase in momentum as this is going to be here's the crazy momentum now this is going to be the decrease and increase the momentum so that is read what I can see here this let's talk today's video thank you for watching

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