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Tesla stuck on 26 September so let's see what we can do here on the side on the sub line here and another stop line here and that is ready to begin with the silence Australia from his Top Line as another Sublime resistance support resistance support resistance and that is going to be the increased part here as it could be likely to be done have to be done as a part where it has to make some intersection if that goes to be the side that is beginning was the decreasing momentum on this level we have to do this right fragment here from 1 to 0 for mention 11 as it goes to be like this 10 20 200 20 not 92 sorry to 106 is equal to the value of 190 180 6. and that is supposed to be the site where it has to begin for this to make such the distance between this level and this level 186 and okay that is really sometimes ongoing thing that we need on Tesla stock if you see what we wanted to have the site of this 3G sync

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