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hello and welcome Tesla stock on today's video about this 29 August so really this is going to be the kind of the videos that I am holding you because that is very good and nice stock price prediction however we need to do this together as well and as we want to see this is going to be the site that is really very good and satisfying from the support and resistance and support again and resistance and this is going to be about the side of the increased momentum by support again and resistance again and support again why we do this is is really right now the side of what is going to be right there for just slot increase the momentum and decrease so what we wanted to do here is to help you why we see this let's look on the brightness on the side of the increase and decrease the momentum while we have to do this without any problem without any doubt and without any side that it can close closing it uh was a huge dips at the huge hard thing so what we wanted to help you absolutely also is to let you understand why we wanted to have this case so that's the stock on 29th August so really what we wanted to have this in case is told to be the support and this increases in momentum further side of what we want because that is really what it helps you for a lot of trading parties so this is going to be resistant support and the decrease and increase every sync so that is going to be about the support that is really very good to let you underestimate always on sides that it can be helping you for a lot of things for the increased momentum and decrease everything listed or this last look is very important you should understand about if that goes to be having this so that is what I can think through about news today on this kind of August 29 uh on the Tesla surprise prediction thank you for watching

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