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why don't retail investors understand analysts and why don't analysts understand retail investors analysts and I've been one not stock analyst I was more portfolio analyst but on stock analysis analysts need to build their discounted cash flow models meaning they have to do projections years out where Revenue comes from how much profit that is and then discounted back to a future present value that's Excel right how you can Implement so many projects that may or may not see the day when you're a Excel analyst is I mean understandably complicated right it's much easier to project a certain number of cars sold a certain number of features sold Insurance energy whatever and then make your models five years out seven years out ten years out and then bring them down so that's the analyst a retail investor who sees FSD and believes in FSD doesn't need projections on car cars the retail investor thinks okay this is a money machine suddenly people don't need to drive cars the car can drive itself and become the utility that we've always been waiting for and that utility you don't need to press into a spreadsheet to believe it you you can and you will come to astronomical numbers but even if you don't do it you just believe that this is the product and the service that you've been waiting for and the world has been waiting for and you want to invest in it so you have two completely different points of view you have the analyst who needs his excess spreadsheet and every number in there has to be crossed and double checked and whatever and you have the retail investor that can do this with the faith of his own money because he sees it he sees the conviction in it whatever and these two Clash it's just I mean we're living it every day on X and it's a shame because I would wish and I've been trying to push at least one of those analysts into sitting down with me and trying to put this software as a service business into his spreadsheet but to no avail they are avoiding it like the past right and and I I just think they will come late they will come they saw Amazon web services too late they saw the iPhone and all the software related income much too late and they're gonna miss and see the FSD related software as a service income much too late but it is what it is it's our opportunity to purchase at these prices

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