Tesla stock set to extend win streak to 13-straight sessions (Video)

foreign trading higher today up about three percent at the moment on track to extend a record run to another day in a row Yahoo finances Pro supermanian joins us with the story is this all about the charging Network cross uh some of it yeah a big part of it for sure I mean we're talking about a 13 session win streak here longest on record uh stock up 40 percent over 40 during that time I mean a huge run up in just 13 sections like I said uh stuck over over 100 this year so yeah like you said yes big part of it those charging deals we saw that in the last week were GM and Tesla struck that deal for uh GMT use those that those networks those plugs they're gonna have those the Tesla plug in their cars uh surrounding 2025 follows the deal from uh two weeks before with Ford Ford uh was kind of surprised when Ford did it even more surprising that GM kind of followed in their footsteps because uh definitely at some point probably the user sort of customer data showing that their customers do want that but a big part of it yeah was that was that stuff but also the the general overall Tech trade lately a lot of optimism for the Fed rate pause right a bullish data this morning for the CPI so that's all part and parcel to that big check trade the big momentum uh High valuation high growth tech tech stocks so tells a big part of that and certainly working in the favor here of Tesla investors but pross there was some Troublesome headlines that came out about the Cyber truck what are we learning there and how do you think that this could potentially maybe disrupt the timeline of this debut us at all you know I was I was surprised that this didn't give it a kind of a roadblock here for the for shares right so basically a German newspaper uh published some uh basically leaked reports from the company talking about how they're concerned about the Cyber truck and it's sort of basic operations like suspension body sealing noise levels handling braking uh they were not happy with the truck's performance a wired kind of looked at these reports and spoke to some experts and the experts said you know Tesla has the money to address these concerns they can do that but they were shocked that this late in the game the truck was having this many problems so kind of concerned there but not for the stock I mean like I said up 13 days in a row big moves there and I think it's just investors are all systems go at this point uh even for the Cyber truck yes even if the Cyber truck is not necessarily all systems go the stock is certainly all systems Go Pro subramanian thanks to you as usual