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hey what's up guys so in this video I'm going to be going through uh Tesla's technical analysis so I came across this tweet from Tesla SG 10 out of 10 Tesla Universe talking about the stock storing from here uh the mouse so I'm not sure if he's uh uh this I'm not sure if that's sarcastic or not uh I I can't really tell but I I might as well just do a Tesla ta uh seeing where the stock goes from here the full disclosure I'm not invested in the stock because I can't get my emotions or Tesla but uh let's go to the ETA so on The Daily ta RSI seems to be overbought right now but I if you look at the enemies uh the 20ma which is the blue line is crossing the 50ma and the stock price is above the 200ma so from the daily ma point of view I think it might actually be bullish from here on out uh especially if you think about the uh that ceiling being raised and the interest rates um pausing uh that might actually be a bullish sign for Tesla and if you look at the one hour again it seems to be overbought but if you look at the volume here um it doesn't seem to be decreasing now Samsung always has a high volume so that might not say a lot but if you look at the Mas again uh it's still on the bullish side none of them look like it's gonna cross uh and on the macd if you look at the extender which isn't saying a lot you could say that it might be turning bearish but I actually don't think so so if you look at the regular trading hours uh it looks like it's gonna call down but the image just doesn't look like it's affected and let's look at the one minute here uh one minute looks slightly bearish but as you can see the macd over here is curling back out to the bullish side and the RSI looks like it's going to cross over so uh yeah Tesla might actually saw from here um I I think from a TA standpoint that makes sense uh from a fundamental standpoint though I I can't say anything because I tend not to follow Tesla as much uh since 2023 but that's why I think about Tesla's ta

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