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hello and welcome Tesla stock on three September so this is going to be about the kind of what we wanted to have in our progress in our project for what it had been done from the start to the end as you can see we have to do this with a solid line and another slope Line This is going to process our resistance resistance and support one day so we have to do this in one hour if you should get this together we have to do this with a kind of the decrease and increase the momentum if you can and if you can do so you can see that it's really very good and satisfying thing for the stretched form and follow the previous ones that it can help you for doing a lot of things that is very good and satisfying thing that is really about to help you on the resistances and supporters that it helps this text last talk okay really what we wanted to have this done is going to be about the side of the increased momentum here and decreases in momentum from the start until the one sinks that is very good to let you hear about support the previous support and the second subword so it depends on Heroes that support this we will ignore resistance right now support this goes to blow up this so we have to hit this support to make the side side and that is going to be currently happening 100 percentage for the increase but for the decrease I don't know maybe it can go for the increase because it's really thoroughly goes for the middle process between this level and this is level and it can be cased can do this thank you for watching this

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