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Tesla closing the day up 1.7 percent and we were unable to get over and hold over that 220 resistance level that we've been talking about on the channel for the past couple of weeks but what I want to do in this video is look at the one hour time frame something that's a smaller time frame that we are used to watching here on this channel to talk about where a potential re-entry could be for somebody who got out of Tesla this week and is looking to get back in before we get into it guys check out our Discord Community it's completely free the link is in the description you guys get access to free courses free live streams free seminars free webinars and if you want to get access to all of my trades which today we ended up closing today was really good day we ended up closing up nearly fourteen thousand dollars we ended up taking a ton of Trades and about four of them were losers but with proper rvr we absolutely killed it so go check it out we give it away completely free for the first month so the goal is that you get to try it out for free you make money off of it and then it'll pay for your membership we even had members say today that they have literally been able to cover a thousand percent of their premium and three years of their premium just by their first trade so go check it out now taking a look at Tesla like we said on the one hour sitting here unable to get through 220 really not that crazy because we were expecting that now I do not have any trades in Tesla I didn't take any trades in Tesla today the other thing that I do still have is my long-term position um which I keep saying that because people are like oh you're such a bear or someone called me a short or something and I'm like do you just not watch like do you just not listen I close out all of my Longs last week so obviously I was very very long I closed out I had almost 75 000 worth of calls and I have a massive close to 400 000 position in Tesla so I'm definitely not short but I am planning to potentially open up a short position like we were saying in the video earlier I'm just still waiting I'm hoping we can push to 230 that'd be the best case scenario but looking right now like we said unable to get up over 220 and if we draw our Fibonacci retracement from the beginning of this breakout at 196 up to this high right here of 219 you can see that our golden Fibonacci level or the level that we are wanting to buy at really is going to be down at like 210 starting but the best level would be down at 205. within this golden Fibonacci level is where I like to start to average or build positions you guys are part of the premium group you know that normally with swings I like to enter usually in twos or sometimes threes so what I'll do is I'll go through and I'll enter my beginning of my position usually somewhere here at like the 0.328 or the 0.382 I will go in with 33 again at the 0.5 which is 207 and then my final 33 would be at like 205 which would give us an average price somewhere around 208 so what I'm going to be looking to do is not actually short this yet or get a put but hopefully we just break out to 230 and then I can personally be happy because I will get to just put my my uh my hedge in place and hopefully we just just break through it I lose some money on the Hedge and I make a shitload of money long but if not if we do pull back to like 210 I might start a small position with some like mid-july calls averaging down pretty heavily around like 208 and 206 but I'm not going to force anything for those are the levels that we are going to be watching for Tesla within the next couple of days now looking at the one hour chart you can see that today was not the best clothes on I'm sorry not the one hour the daily today was not the best close on The Daily we opened right around 217 we had a high of day like we said around that 221 range and then pulled all the way back so a lot of indecision on the actual close of the candle even though the day was up 1.7 I hope this video helps guys check out our Discord Community as always thank you for all the support I'll see you guys next time peace

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