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like I could Al to my opinion on Warren Buffett depending on how much more influence his younger guards are gaining because it was actually them who also pushed him into Apple the the question with Tesla is Bon Buffett will invest in Tesla not because the stock is cheap he would like that as well for sure but because the stock is stable what makes a stock stable BuyBacks dividends uh a predictable trajectory none of that none of that is on the horizon of Tesla for the next two three years it's all still expansion growth markets and certainly not anything that he likes you have to know Warren Buffett worked for three years with Tim Cook before invested in uh in apple from 2013 to 2016 he missed out on lots of the stock but he wanted to make sure that BuyBacks were in place and he had the solid structure Buffett never worked with Steve Jobs he got interested in apple when it was Tim Cook I think that just shows exactly his his mindset he is not a growth investor he's a value investor he will get into the stock when he feel there's value the stock may be much higher but he will see an even higher appreciation of it he doesn't need to buy it at 100 or at 200 he may buy it at 420 I always joke because he sees the 1,000 coming right so at the moment it is still much too volatile for him and he doesn't have the markers he needs to feel comfortable about it

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