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20 30 price Target bro what is your price Target we have to we have to do it we gotta do it you're gonna do it because they 40x ten thousand percent I'm just like man I don't know that's pre-split right or is she does that include the split price that includes whatever today's price is right now I've known so many different revisions to this thing dude it's like crazy because one of the things I have to do is I have to temper my expectations based on the bot you know what I'm saying yeah because the bot breaks everything and that's like my initial like I'm still like comfortable with those numbers out there because it's like it really outlines just how bananas solving for Laborers like it's like what the hell just happened kind of thing I have net income per quarter of about 70 billion oh you do 70 70 times uh four 280 and then I'm gonna put a multiple of uh let me see 2030 I don't know multiple of I just want to say 50. okay this is my my super bullish estimate if Tesla gets a 50pe because of the bot and full self-driving being uh taken everywhere and Tesla is at the 20 million per unit run rate and uh they are ramping energy dramatically uh it's a 14 trillion dollar market cap wow it boggles my mind I'm sorry it's a big number it's a big fifth for 14 okay so that's your what base case both case what is that I'm gonna say bull kiss but it doesn't include the Box again these are just numbers these are just numbers like nobody take this seriously yeah yeah not Financial advice all that crazy stuff but I think that's where the yeah it's just Tesla's ability to generate income from Full self-driving and Tesla's energy division ramping like mad which no one is talking about to this and no one will for a long time because it's so quote unquote boring so it's a 750 billion now right almost 700 billion so that's a that's a 20x yeah on the price yeah 20x on the stock price yeah so five thousand six seven thousand six yeah wow that's that's that's and it has a bot comes to fruition the the evaluation changes again man I can't even think I can't that board bug was my my man I can't even like think about how that is gonna like you know I don't know it's it's next level

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