Tesla Stocks Unleashed: Insider Secrets and Profit Strategies Revealed (Video)

foreign good morning guys welcome to my YouTube channel again in this video we will see the prediction for Tesla stock let's go to the four hour chart first I will change the quick update here you can see orange line which is speak bad okay so it is a bull trap fit by guys need to watch carefully these signals let's go to the four hour chart before our chart guys you can see here Blue Line okay every blue line we always see a pump so you can see here after the blue line price is going up okay ribbon screen both lines are green upper side and Lower Side so it's mean it's a buy signal guys if you want by premium signals if you want to buy the software I'm using the software for a long time and it's giving fantastic predictions see the software gave us green signal and after the signal the price spike up okay here we can see a red line and the price fall down we see here Blue Line which always means a pound is coming and after this blue line you see a nice pump nice coffee so guys if you want to use this software I will give the link in description you can buy signals also so overall I can see in four hour frame chart you can buy Tesla and take profit guys if you want to make money Please Subscribe my channel thank you for watching