Tesla strikes deal to add Mercedes to its supercharger network (Video)

well Tesla inching closer to having an industry-wide universal plug after Mercedes announces it will be the first German car maker to implement Tesla's charging plug here with the details we've got Yahoo finance's products to Romanian Pros you know it was only a few weeks ago where we were saying that Tesla is setting the North American Standard now you've got at least one German car maker on board this is a global conversation yeah add another partner or scalp to tell Tesla's a list of new people new companies joining their supercharger Network now with with Mercedes in 2024 Mercedes will have access to 12 000 supercharger stalls in in the US and North America uh in in 2025 Mercedes will add the Tesla nacs plug I'm sorry port to its own cars meaning they'll have native access to the supercharger Network so this is this is sort of similar to the deals that they're making with GM and Ford and even Volvo the one little wrinkle here is that Mercedes you know they had already previously announced a a bespoke charging Network the Mercedes Network they're gonna they're not going to add the Tesla nacs uh plug to that Network so that's kind of a big deal too they're really going all in on that on that standard so another big kind of partner here for Tesla uh like I said Germany's first original equipment manufacturer to do this and and we might hear from Hyundai and also Volkswagen they're also rumored to be taught to be speaking to Tesla too uh meantime Pros Tesla has been very aggressive in getting additional customers on board they're out with even more incentives what's the very latest there yeah so Tesla restarted their referral network uh referral partner program uh uh about a month or two ago they had had it for many years before basically what happens is if you use a referral link from a prior owner uh you will get some incentives here in this case uh new owners will get our new buyers will get 500 in in off their purchase price and three months of of FSD uh self-driving capabilities there uh and also the the person who is the referrer will get 10 000 referral credits which can be used for super charging points uh Tesla merch things like that so now referral links are everywhere you don't need to actually know a prior owner to get a link you can get one online anywhere so not a big deal so uh but the big deal here I mean I mean the kind of the bottom line here is that this isn't a big sort of mover like a massive price cut is for for a Tesla vehicle but it just kind of goes to show you that incentives matter people like these things and Tesla really wants to sort of keep growing the those delivery numbers into Q3 right across the Romanian with the latest update thanks so much